"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

When I leave, it will be the last you’ll ever see of me

Walking along the ancient city walls in Maastricht

The Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, which is a converted church. Fitting, seeing as how A) books are more useful than churches and B) churches used to ban books and burn them.

The view from my loft in Amsterdam

Gloria Swanson at the Foam museum in Amsterdam

More stuff on the walls at Foam in Amsterdam.

In a garage in Ghent.

She was displayed for no reason on Rue des Tanneurs, Brussels.

Penthouse flat I’ve been housesitting for 3 weeks, built in the 1920s. Oh what a tough life this is.

Especially when I’m forced to watch the sun set over Brussels.

A chateau hidden in a forest in La Hulpe.

The garden of the chateau in La Hulpe.

See me?

Jere snapped a pic of me riding off into the sunset, as it were.

Stupid cherubs and cupids (photo by Jere).

I went to a talk and reading of fellow-Torontonian Margaret Atwood at Flagey. She named-dropped Canada so much. The Arrogant Worms. North West Territories. The CBC. The Axe-Throwing League of Toronto.

Oh and I got to ask her a question from the balcony. I felt pretty sweet.

Cook & Book store in Woluwe. There are books on the ceiling. THE CEILING!

Oh what a feeling! When we’re reading on the ceiling!

And so many places to sip a cuppa whilst reading 🙂

Of course this was on the ceiling.

In Halles St. Gery, I stumbled upon a free symphony orchestra performance that had set up inside.

I went to the Jeu de Balle flea market and came back with 15 love letters between a man named Kenneth and a woman named Nathalie.

This one says, “je t’écris pour te dire que tu as été, que tu es, que tu seras la femme la plus belle, la plus douce, la plus importante  de ma vie.”


Speaking of letters …. when I’m sad, my friends send me gifts and letters of encouragement in the mail. My friends could beat up your friends. First, I found this in my mail box.

Then this.

And finally this.

I have a great support team.

And when I don’t have my friends, I can always rely on a snugglecat for a kiss.


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