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JR hits London for #InsideOutLondon !

As most of you know, I am a huge JR fan,  as I have two categories on this blog dedicated to him – JR category and Inside Out Project category (duh).  You should check out those categories to see his work that I’ve photographed all around the world. Anyway, I heard that his Inside Out Project truck was sitting behind Somerset House in London, so of course I set aside an entire day to check it out. Now, it used to be that people would send in their own photographs to the Inside Out website, who would in turn print off the poster for a fee, send it back to the participant, and the participant would be required to paste up the poster in their own city. Now, the truck takes your pic, prints it off immediately, and they paste it up for you in a designated location. Pretty sweet and free! If you’re in London, this is going on only until the 11th, so get thee to the truckery.

But arrive early. I waited in line for TWO FRICKEN HOURS. (Totally worth it of course). BUT TWO HOURS!! C’mon son.

That’s the truck, and the posters would immediately slide out of that slot after the shot was taken.

Me and my poster, feeling pretty chuffed.

And there I am, wheatpasted down to the terrace at Somerset House amongst hundreds of others. I think some people walked away with their posters, preferring to keep them rather than paste them. I don’t know what I would do with a huge poster of myself, hanging that up in my house would be the ultimate act of hubris. I’d prefer to be part of the community. Anyway, go to Somerset House and see if you can find me amongst all the others!

Oh and then I spotted JR HIMSELF (omfg), just chilling and being all cool. I had no idea he would be on site! So this is me gushing, telling him I’m a huge fan, and have photographed him all over the world. He was impressed with my tenacity, and also humbled.

I think I got the hand thingy wrong.

But whatever.

Huzzah JR!

Here’s my poster, I found it on their official website here!

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