"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Samson & Delilah

I found this on the side of the Florence Pub in Herne Hill. It’s by David Shillinglaw and he based it on Van Dyck’s Samson & Delilah. Van Dyck’s version is viewable at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Shillinglaw did his version as part of the Dulwick Festival, which erects some of the most sumptuous street art and graffiti in London every year. The next few posts on this blog will be from all of my Dulwich-Festival-related graff hunts:) I’ve found so much mesmerizing stuff.

This piece is so wonderfully emotive. At first it reminded me of the style employed by Frida Kahlo. The scissors, the tears from the unblinking eyes, the hair that looks like veins, the disembodied eyes, the flowing-almost-underwater nature of the lines….

Tell me that’s not beautiful. I dare you.

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