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Dulwich Roa

Roa put up two of his pieces in Dulwich as part of the Dulwich Festival, this was the first one I found. it’s based on two previous artworks: Landscape With Sportsmen and Game by Pynacker, and Halt of a Hunting Party by Wouwerman.

It’s basically a doggy have a poop. On the roof of the Victoria Pub.

This was on the side of a house on Lordship Lane. The only information I can find about the house is that it has, in its entirety, been turned into a street art venue, with works by Malarky, Thierry Noir, and others. But I couldn’t find any mention of what Roa’s piece here is based on. Either way, it fucking rules.

I had to stick my hand through a locked fence just to get this shot.

Tailing curving around the window. He does that a lot, it’s like his signature.

The skeleton looks bored.

Check out my Roa category to see more of his works that I’ve photographed around the world 🙂

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