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The Nurture of Jupiter

I’ve blogged about Pablo Delgado before, but his work, because of its size, is particularly hard to find and to spot… and it doesn’t have a long shelf life, as its easily ripped away in a single swipe or rainstorm.

Dulwich to the rescue!

All of the following were erected during the 2013 Dulwich Festival, and they’re still there!

These two pieces by PG are a mashup of The Nurture of Jupiter by Poussin and Princess Victoria aged 4 by Denning.

I love how PG gives his paste-ups shadows on the sidewalk!

Here’s The Nurture of Jupiter

And this is Princess Victoria. How regal:)

This one, a few kilometres away, is too ripped to decipher, but it’s clearly a PG.

This, on the wall of a Charity shop entrance, is so easy to overlook. I searched for sometime for this one!

All I can retrieve from sources is that this is based on a mixture of details from the paintings at the Dulwich Picture Gallery….

I love the shadows and the detailing.

For this one, a few blocks away from the last one, there is virtually no information on its basis at all. But i think it’s my favourite.

Ha ha, her belt was done with a sharpie!

Menacing chickens!

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