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#Anser in Brooklyn

If you’re a Torontonian, it’s almost certain you have, at some point, walked past a wall and seen the lady-faces of Anser spraypainted up on a city wall. I used to think he might live in the Dundas and Ossington area because I had found 10 pieces within one block. But I had never found his work outside of Hogtown. So this past month in NYC, I was delighted to find that he had dusted off his passport and taken the time to tag Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn!

This was in Bushwick

This kind of East Williamsburg, bordering into Bushwick.




Check out my Anser category for more of his work that I’ve photographed.

the Ansers are gone

I finally get to post the trove of Anser street art pics that I’ve been taking for months! Problem is, as I mentioned previously, most of these pieces are now gone. But at least I was able to document them before they got the chop.

this was on queen west near shaw.

this was on ossington near queen west, but it’s since been painted over.

man alive, i love Anser’s stuff. I’ve been begging via this blog for him to do my face next, but my dream is still unrealized…..  i really should put my vanity away.


another one on ossington (109 ossington) but it’s also gone…..

now that i think about it, i do tend to find his works quite often in the ossington area and thereabouts…. my detective skillz are telling me that Anser probably lives in that area. I MUST FIND YOU! Hey Anser, meet me at The Lakeview or Crafted or Bellwoods Brewery and let’s talk graff, sound good? good. done. sold. deal.

speaking of The Lakeview, this one was found directly across the street from that resto on Dundas and Ossington.

Now this one is particularly funny to me because not soon after i snapped this photo, it was painted over and there was thusly an empty wall.

then a few days later, i noticed the face was back. that made me question my eyes, because i rationalized that i must have missed the piece somehow and in fact it was never painted over.

and a few days later, it was gone again! so then i didn’t know what to believe.

turns out Anser is just tenacious (and a little bit of a shit disturber, natch) because the face reappeared for A THIRD TIME but in different spray colour…

bahahaha! he even added a note to the building owners who kept painting over his stuff, just to piss them off…

i cannot tell you how much i fricken love this! Give ’em hell, Anser!

Then i was walking through the alleys on the north side of Trinity Bellwoods park and found this Anser embedded in the garage.

You’ll remember that I once found another Anser in the park not too long ago.

and this one is also super fun because i photographed this Anser piece a little while ago, but it was without colour. Looks like Anser came back to fill it in!

now this one, munchkins, is perhaps my favourite Anser piece that he’s ever done.

it just blends so nicely with the old wood. it gives it such a rustic, beautiful, antique look…. like this is beauty in danger of extinction.

well done, my dude.

wuv u Anser! LET’S BE FRIENDS!

Anser in the park

do you see what i see? look closer….

now trinity bellwoods park has some Anser lurvin. i saw this from a distance, and ran histrionically across the field through some dudes playing footie and some other hipster dudes with no-gear bikes tanning in the grass. i looked ridiculous.

that’s me: i look like an idiot so you don’t have to!

There is some incredible work going on here. some of the Anser pieces i’ve photographed before have been quickies that were done in a few seconds before bolting. This piece has multiple colours, intricate details, and (my favourite part)…. SHADING. i love the shading!

look at that nose and lips and under the chin. shading gone awesome.

now imma pretend i’m grover.



ANSER will you please do my face somewhere now?!

(that’s what she said.)

ANSER eyes

it’s gorgeous outside and the graff is calling out to me to photograph it, but i’m still not back on my feet yet. this illness, which i think was probably e.coli contamination (that’s how bad my symptoms were, guys), has really taken the the wind out of my sails. i’m having a hard time walking (stupid good-for-nothing legs) and still am bedridden five days on.  i want to work on my writing while i’m stuck in bed but i’m also high on meds and immune-boosting supplements, so that’s out of the question. i’m still having dizzy spells and still can’t eat complete meals.

back in 2008 whilst living in England, i had acute tonsillitis and glandular fever. i was hospitalized for three days, but even that dissipated rather quickly. wtf kinda viral infection did i get this time that outlasts acute tonsillitis and glandular fever?

anyway, THE DAY i got sick, i found this Anser near college and dufferin. maybe her eyes infected me with e.coli.

those ain’t bette davis eyes. PATHOGEN EYES!

still, i love Anser‘s shit to death…. e.coli death.

negative images are fun.

the night city grows; look and see her eyes, they glow

my love for ANSER is  now getting a little creepy. Look at me, I’m a creepy old lady! IT’S A STATUS I HAVE LONG PINED FOR. This is right up there with my Masters degree, ya’ll.

she misses the old CAUSR. click here to see a trove of CAUSR graff tags, most of them done ingeniously on CP Rail freight trains. Causr used to do a lot of tags with Trik back in the day.

i wonder if Anser and Causr ever did any work together.


that would be a total mind-fuck.

anyway, i found this at dundas west and ossington. i tried to climb up to this roof, but this was one roof that was just too difficult for my pipsqueak body to climb. stupid barbed wires and high barriers! my legs are barely long enough to reach the ground!

wait, what?

check out my ANSER category  to see more of his lil’ ladies that i’ve photographed!

adore your deadboy

when deadboy put up his ADORE at shaw and argyle, it wasn’t long until it was vandalized, making the poor lass look like she either had a beard, or a face-veil. so deadboy recently returned to that construction panelling and erected a NEW Adore, one just as lovely and beautiful and beguiling and bewitching as the first.

joel richardson’s 911 has been left untouched, it seems.

…. as has Anser’s lady portraits.

deadboy has also recently been profiled in a series of graffiti documentary exposés (produced by a couple of friends of mine, kelli and james) called BETWEEN THE LINES which just today received some MAH-JAH props on the mother-blog WOOSTER Collective!
you can watch deadboy’s profile here:

SO proud of him!

check out my DeadBoy category to see more of his work

and the ANSER is ….

the many faces of Anser are spreading across toronto like a pathogen. i found this one at bay and davenport, which is a risky location to do graffiti because of all the wealth and affluence and oppulence and therefore security in the area. plus, it is decidely poorly stocked in good graff, so this piece stands alone with little competition in the area.

i had to stand in traffic to get this shot. first i’m climbing roofs for Anser, and now this!

seriously Anser, will you do my face? not only will i pay you in kisses, i will give you cuddles too! THINK OF THE CUDDLES.

check out my ANSER category for more of his work that i’ve photographed.

I’m a fire, and I burn tonight

found in St Mathias Pl, south of Dundas west.

Check out my ANSER category for more of his work.

up on the roof

how did i get this shot of Little Italy at night?

because i climbed a roof!

LOOK AT ME! I’M CLIMBING ROOFS NOW! i’m totally punk rock!




I had to climb up to the roof and then hoist myself over a railing to get up here. I totally smashed my lady-bits on the railing in the process. Sonuvabitch. That’s gonna leave a mark. No wonder women don’t often tresspass. That’s a dumb-male sorta sport.

Anyway, why was I tresspassing on a roof?

That’s why.

Oh Anser, I will do anything pour vous. Seriously, I love Anser’s shit. Will you please do one of my face? I will pay you in kisses! SWEARSIES!

Check out my ANSER category for more of his work that I’ve photographed!

I will be the ANSER

remember last month when i blogged about revisiting the construction panelling at shaw & argyle? some new stuff has gone up there, most notably, some new ANSER‘s! (oh and i ran into Rob whilst there! he’s my biggest stalker. I SEE YOU IN THE BUSHES!)

I had to stand in the middle of the street to get this shot. Traffic dodger, graffiti hunter, heart breaker. That’s me.

so much pretty.

Walk a little further south along the panelling, and there’s another one!

hey Anser, can you do one of me? I’ve never had anyone draw my face before.

in an alleyway in kensington market, i found what looks like an Anser scratching. don’t look t the blue, look at the white chalk…. looks like an Anser blueprint before execution.

more in Kensington market, these were up on a roof. Anser would have had to have spraypainted these from the opposing roof.

are they conjoined twins? DOST MY EYES DECEIVE ME?

and another on the opposite wall. either she’s Rudolph, or she hab a cowd in her nobe.

Check out my ANSER category to see more of his work that i’ve photographed.

women are the “Anser”

i have been photographing these painted ladies all over toronto for months, and i didn’t know which artist was behind them, so i just called them “Portrait of a Girl.” i found out recently that the artist’s name is ANSER. i have hence updated the “portrait of a girl category“, it’s now called ANSER. check it out for more instances of his work.

this was found on sterling just south of bloor.

portrait of a girl

I’ve found this woman’s face on the Tower Automotive building, in Kensington Market, and on the Rail Path. She’s officially part of the Canon. I’m gonna tag her as “Portrait of a Girl” until I find out which street artist is behind her. If you know, fill a sistah in!

Rob photographed her in a location he describes as “below the bridge on Strachan a few metres north of the Gardiner by the Princess Gates at the CNE. If you walk half way across the bridge you can leap over the edge on the west side and make your way down to either the tracks or the smaller area where there is also graff.”

First he’s scaling roofs, then he’s hopping fences, now he’s leaping over the edge of bridges.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

the abandoned Tower Automotive building on Sterling Road

yesterday i was jogging along the rail path when i paid careful consideration to the abandoned Tower Automotive building located on Sterling, which is clearly visible from the path. you can see that it has graffiti and street art all over it, so after i was done my 75 minute jog, i grabbed my camera and decided to explore it.

unfortch, it was already past dusk, and i was a female wandering around an abandoned building all by myself in the unlit darkness.  i didn’t feel particularly safe, so i didn’t stay long or do as much exploring as i wanted to. i hopped the chain fence to photograph the graff on the outside of the building (ME! HARDCORE!), but didn’t go so far as to actually enter the building.

it was so dark and creepy, and i didn’t have a flashlight or anything.

does someone wanna explore this with me next time?

anyhoo, i quickly explored the exterior and found some gems (before hopping the fence again and running away like a scaredy cat).

i see this woman’s face everywhere! i dunno who is behind her, but i’ve found her previously in kensington, and along the rail path. artist is wicked talented, whoever he/she is.

someone wheatpasted a photograph of albert ayler onto the exterior. i wonder why, it’s such an interesting choice.



joel, you be errrr-where.

ri rove rou ralph

it’s the Listen Bird! I’ve followed this bird all over the city and in Montreal! Who is behind this, I love this!

night of the wild dogs” indeed.

fuck yeah.

death 2010!

next step: bring bolt-cutters, enter building, photograph artistic genius, not get caught, run like hell.

oh, i got a love that keeps me waiting; i’m a lonely boy

i love to run.

as adults, there are very few moments in our lives when we get to jump and play. and running feels like play to me. it’s inhale-deeply-sunshine-gorging-people-watching-music-pumping-rosey-cheekiness-hair-bouncing giddiness.

i love it when i have to yield at red lights and i get to jump around in place to keep my heart-rate up. i love it when a really great song comes up and my footfalls align with the beat, and i start singing along, even though i’m short on breath. i love how everyone on the street responds to runners. they gawk with awe, like they’ve never seen joggers before. i love it when it’s chilly outside and the cold air sharpens my inhalations & reddens my cheeks. i love jogging in my massive Oakland Raiders hoodie that an old boyfriend from high school forgot at my house (and i claimed as asshole-tax).

when i was a little girl growing up in rural Quebec, there was one week when school was shut-down because we were snowed out. the snow was literally higher than our garages. mum and dad still had to go to work, and my sister still had to go to high school, so i was left home alone. mum gave me $2 every day (which was a massive amount in those days) to rent a movie to keep me occupied until she got home. i had to walk a kilometre in those torrid winter conditions to the closest video rental place, and a kilometre back.

it may sound like hell, but i LOVED that week. even as a child, i used to love long, difficult physical activities, despite the freezing temperatures. why? because it gave me time to think.

walking two kilometres roundtrip every day with that $2 bill burning a hole in my pocket (yes i said bill…this was eons before we had the twoonie) was thinking-woman’s mega-heaven. i would craft stories up in my head and then race home to write them.  i would make-believe i was a great explorer in an uncharted lands. i would prepare what i would say for future conversations.  i would kick the crap out of snowmen along the way. i would think about my life, which was still in its infancy at that point, and ponder with wonderment about all of it. sometimes i would just watch the scenery around me, and wonder about the people scurrying about that small town. who are they? where are they going? will i ever see them again?

running is like a return to that week. i still craft stories up in my head and then race home to write them. i still make-believe, except now i’m running from secret agents and spies from Russia. i still prepare myself for future conversations. i now leave the snowmen alone, but i will splash a few puddles or jump in leaf-piles. and i still think about my life, which has much deeper problems now although i’m better equipped to handle them.

and yes, i still watch people go by, and  i still wonder what their lives must be like. and i hope to see them again.

sometimes, we need to stop screaming into the void, and take a quiet, thinking-break.

running is how i navigate through my thoughts.

i guess we all have our thing.

the colour of Spring

being green

i found her in an alleyway in Kensington Market, and held my breath for a long time.