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Art is my Weapon

Street Artists Unite!

The Dorian Grey Gallery on E 9th Street between 1st Ave and Avenue A has been running an exhibit called Street Artists Unite! which brings the best of NYC’s street to the inside walls, in collab with Hank O’Neal. The exhibit opened the day I arrived in NYC, and I visited it right away, but of course, I’m only getting around to blogging it now because of the ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE other street art photos I had taken whilst in NYC. Omg, I’m still not done yet, and there’s still so much to blog! Anyway, the exhibit closes this Sunday, so if you’re in Manhattan, I highly suggest checking it out. Admission is free free free and the work is cool cool cool!

Recognize this? It’s a photo of 5pointz that has been altered on canvas by Art is my Weapon.

wocka wocka wocka!

Another piece by Art is my Weapon (he also goes by TMNK if you ever see that tag… it stands for The Me Nobody Knows)

this is by ChrisRWK (robots will kill) who takes a piece by Basquiat and adds to it.

it used to look like this.

Art is my Weapon blending his rifle stencil with his love/hate motif

It’s called Save the Children and as you can see, here he’s using the TMNK tag.

this is Billy the Artist who adds to an old Mr Brainwash piece. You might remember when Mr Brainwash came to Toronto and I photographed this exact piece here

this is by Screwtape whom i’ve blogged about many times before. he’s super nice & wicked talented.

yes he does.

i’m not sure who this by because it wasn’t hung on the walls, it was just sitting off to the side next to some books for sale, but it’s a really nice piece, and i wanted it but couldn’t afford it.

this is by Jef Campion aka Army of One

i love how this Diane Arbus image was just dangling from it. As you’ve seen on my blog before, this image is a recurring theme in Campion’s work.

War and Peace with bullet holes in it. Did you know that War and Peace embraces more than 500 characters? I learned that from Trivial Pursuit. Board games from the 80s pay off!

here’s another War and Peace, killed by bullets.

I wonder if Campion actually shot a gun at the book… or if this was done by a drill…

that toy soldier is disco dancing.

some canvases by one of my favourite graff artists who just happens to be a raucous woman, Enx, whom i’ve blogged about many times before.

At the gallery you can buy an OUT OF PRINT book that features all these artists, and it COMES with an Enx canvas on it! MUST BUY, PEOPLE! original art and out-of-print books!

me too, campion!

they also had a collection of old subway signs that have been graffiti’d aka improved. this one was for the 6 train. you can be like J.Lo and be “on the 6!” < / sarcasm >

i think i’ve only taken the 2 once or twice, and it wasn’t a great experience.

my fav subway trains are the N, Q, the 7, the G, sometimes the F, sometimes the J, Z, or M…. and most definitely the L. i’m not going to lie, i’m a hipster. SUE ME! i’ll see you in that new court house that i bet you’ve never heard of.

blonde lady in this pic is Lizzi, she was super helpful, chatty, and full of cool information about the work and the exhibit. her and Chris who owns the gallery (i spoke with him on the phone) were awesome and it made for a better experience.

look for this little unassuming doorfront if you’re going to visit the exhibit!

happy art-ing.

New York Street Art 2012

Today, my delicious little munchkins, there will be fewer posts because I spent hours yesterday making this short film. I didn’t tell anybody, but whilst I was photographing all the amazing graffiti and street art in New York, I was also filming it so I could make something more visceral for the viewers…. it’s like being there with me on the streets of Queens and Brooklyn!


 Places filmed include LES, Alphabet City, Soho, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Astoria and 5Pointz.

Some of the street artists include:

Chris Veng Robots Who Kill
JR’s Inside Out Project
Curtis Kulig
Nick Walker
Space Invader
Jimmy Cochrane
Paul Richard
Rene Gagnon
Stormie Mills
TMNK (Art is my Weapon)

Art is my Weapon

I’ve photographed Art is my Weapon before (see here and here), and I always find his work to be super creative, fun, and all over the place!

off Canal.

nobody wants to fuck!
spring street in Soho.

1st Ave

spring street.

ludlow near division

spring street.

8th street near 1st Ave

9th street and avenue A

Avenue A

more from Art Is My Weapon

I blogged about Art Is My Weapon before and ended up making contact with the artist (sup brah!), so I had to blog more of his stencils when I found them all along the infamous Wooster Street in Soho.

art is my weapon

found on spring street in soho, nyc.