"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Best Job In The World

Watch my super short documentary on Sweden!

As many subscribers to my YouTube channel already know, I like to make short documentaries about my travel adventures. I’ve made really popular short and snappy films about Peru, Thailand & Cambodia, Mexico, Guatemala & Belize, India, and even places closer to home like Montreal and New York.

In any case, seeing as how I just spent a few weeks in Sweden, I thought I might try to capture the essence of Swedish metropolitan culture and blend it with my personal journey there to find simple joys and pleasures in unlikely places.

This is the result! A very short and quick watch. Only 2  minutes and 45 seconds. It will take you longer to finish a cup of coffee.

It kinda plays like SWEDEN! THE MUSICAL haha. I guess I just like making creative, visual pieces out of things that happen in my life. Enjoy!

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Especially since it took me 12 straight hours to edit less than 3 minutes worth of film. How do professionals do this?

Don’t forget to check out the official Christine Estima dot com for more of my short documentaries, my published works, my TV interviews, and more!



in this video, i prove to the world that i have little diversity in my wardrobe

it’s my interview on CTV Canada AM, with Seamus O’Regan. get a new top for fuck’s sake, chris!

i look like i’m going to devour your brains in this video

it’s a video from March, when i was interviewed on CP24….i couldn’t download it off the net, so i directed my camera at the computer and recorded it that way…it’s a shitty way of doing it, thus the whiteness of my face, the darkness of my eyes, and this overall atmosphere like i’m going to suck out anne rohmer’s blood while feasting on her skull.


i party like a rockstar, look like a movie star, play like an all-star, fuck like a porn star

i didn’t make the top 16 for the Island Reef Job, but at least now i can swear on this blog again!!

you know how many months i’ve been holding in the curses?

since january!!!

i couldn’t even talk about sex!! it was killing me!!

okay, back to our regularly scheduled programme

shit motherfucker cunt bitch scrotum tea-bagging.

anyway, i wanted to share with you the “bio/short story” that Tourism Queensland had all of us Top 50 draft about ourselves. we sent it off to them in secrecy, of course. but since i’m not on the final shortlist, i doubt they’ll care now if i share it.


Being half Portuguese and half Lebanese, I began my diasporic journey of petulance and precociousness in the suburbs of Montreal and Toronto. I thusly figured I’d turn out to be a nun, or an explorer.

A few years at a Catholic school cured me of the first disease.

I am a playwright, novelist, blogger (www.christineestima.com), and arts journalist sleeping in some forgotten corner of a European railway station. I love travelling, exploring, and being pushed out of my comfort zone. My life is very much about trying new things, experiencing new adventures, meeting new people, and exploring new places. I’ve never tried to take the road of least resistance. Routine and monotony are my enemies. I’m always living on a shoestring and by the skin of my teeth, but that’s what makes me feel alive. This job would be the epitome of that journey for me.

I’ve braved La Tomatina festival in Spain, run through the Lavender fields in the south of France, dodged bullets in Lebanon, kayaked in Croatia, climbed mountains in Brazil, thrown snowballs in Kiev, tripped into the Grand Canale in Venice, partied at the Zurich Street Parade in Switzerland, cycled across Ireland, gazed into the depths of the Bosphorus, witnessed political protests in Copenhagen, visited my ancestral stomping grounds in Portugal, been swindled and hustled out of large sums of money in Budapest, eaten (or tried to eat) haggis in Edinburgh, hung out with vampire bats in the creepy bat caves of Skopje, stepped out of the way of the thunderous tanks in Sarajevo, and had dramatic love affairs in Poland, Kosovo, and Austria.

Two years ago, after finishing my Masters Degree, I woke up one morning and decided to move to London, England on a whim. I moved there because I wanted international life/work experience. I moved there because I wanted to push myself.

I moved there because I had nothing better to do.

So within a matter of weeks, I had packed up my Toronto apartment, threw my stuff in storage, bought a one-way plane ticket, and never looked back. I arrived in London not knowing a single soul there. No family, no friends. After enduring crazy landladies trying to rob me of my money, being hospitalized for acute tonsillitis and glandular fever, and not being able to hold down a steady job (because of my work visa restrictions), I found myself subsisting on a diet of bread and cereal. I was scraping by. But I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Because I relish culture-shock. Because I was exploring my new world. I took every opportunity I could to travel across not just the UK and Ireland, but all the little nooks and crannies hidden in Europe and the Middle East.

My favourite of all my journeys? — walking across Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England. Hadrian’s Wall is a 2000-year-old wall built by Roman Emperor Hadrian to keep the Scots out of the empire. It is 134 kilometres long and runs from one side of England to other. I walked the entire length of the wall. It took me 5 days. Two of my toes turned purple, I ripped a few muscles in my legs and shoulders, I had massive bruises and scratches, but it was exhilarating, peaceful, invigorating, and very meaningful. My trek came to an abrupt end, however, when I fell into a massive vat of rain water, mud, and cow plop . . . the hallmark of a journey well-travelled!

While in London, I found myself suddenly cast in a highly-controversial reality TV show called When Women Rule The World. I was surfing the net one day when I came across an advert screaming “Calling all feminists!” I quickly applied. Next thing I knew, I was signing contracts, meeting with executive producers, doing costume fittings. And exactly once month after sending off that initial application, I found myself on a massive set in the Dominican Republic with a crew of 200+, filming my every move. The show’s tagline was, “Eight women. Ten men. One Rule: Women Rule, Men Obey.” It was produced by September Films, and premiered on the Channel 4 network in the UK to rave reviews and massive ratings. It ran for 2 months. And I was still somehow trying to catch my breath and figure out how I ended up on that show! Life is unpredictable, and always finds a way to add something new to my journey.

I recently returned to Toronto to finalize my application for EU citizenship. In March of 2009, I finally picked up my EU passport. I am now a dual citizen, and an entire new world of opportunities is now open to me!

There are still so many cities on my to-do list. Of course Australia and New Zealand! On top of that, I want to go to Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and Japan. I want to run across the Sahara Desert. Mingle with monkeys and rhinos in West Africa. Party in Cape Town. I want to hang out at Macchu Picchu in Peru. Chill with the lizards of the Galapagos Island in Ecuador. Sing in Chile. Run across Bolivia. Make a mad dash up the Aztec pyramids in Mexico. Shoot the rapids in Arizona. Lose all my money in the sots of Vegas. Ski in Whistler. Drink beer in Vieux Quebec, plant trees in Saskatchewan, ride a motorbike across the Road of Bones in far-eastern Siberia, drink milk in a gur in Mongolia, dance in Petra, dip my toes in the Nile, lean against the wailing wall in Jerusalem . . .and finally come home to hug my beautiful mother in Toronto.

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I could remember. As a little girl, the other students would write 3-page stories for class. Mine were 40 pages. I’ve followed this dream all throughout my life. I do it because I’m passionate about it and it brings me so much peace and pleasure. If I wanted to be rich, I definitely wouldn’t have become a writer!! My writing has appeared in The Malahat Review, Descant Literary Journal, Room Magazine, NOW Magazine, UKULA, CanPlay, The Encyclopedia of Modern Drama, Matrix Magazine, Chart Magazine, TheGate.ca, TorontoPlus.ca, and Canadian Theatre Review. My travel writing piece entitled “Between Berlin and Beirut” was included in the travel anthology Navigating Customs: A Tendril Anthology, published by Cumulus Press. My short story “Nylon-Encased Flesh” was included in the literary anthology ToK: Writing the New Toronto. My playwrighting credits include, Vignettes In The Dark (2004, Toronto Fringe Festival) and The Spadina Monologues (2005, The New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre; and in 2007, Theatre Passe Muraille backspace).

My Master of Arts degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University (Toronto, Canada). My award-nominated thesis explores narratives of gendered-ethnicities on the Toronto stage, post 9/11.

Try saying that five times, really fast.

I am currently single, so if I was selected for the Island Caretaker position, I wouldn’t initially bring anyone with me but my family and my friends are very important to me, and I would insist that each and every one of them visit me at some point during my stay. Mi casa su casa, and my heart is as open as the sky.

As a feminist/vegetarian/pacifist/bookworm, I cannot wear white without spilling something on it, but you’ll still find me, most likely, in the fridge at 4am.

she’s in my Top 8, i bagged her off of Myspace; go girl! go girl! go girl! go girl! shake them dice and roll ’em, shake them dice and roll ’em!

Check out my film review of horror flick Pontypool here!

also, another article has been published about me and my bid for the Island Reef Job. it basically talks about how portuguese I am. ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

(before moving onto regular blogging business…..)

wow, so the traffic on this blog is skyrocketing again with the re-broadcast of When Women Rule The World in the UK. yes, i’m one of the 8 ladies on the show. yes, we got to hang out with Steve Jones. no, we don’t hate men. LOL! if you live in the UK/Ireland, and want to re-watch any episodes you may have missed, click here to stream them on the free catch-up website. if you want my opinions, behind-the-scenes trivia, and episode wrap-ups, go into my September/October archives of 2008 (that’s when the show originally aired).

here’s an interview we did on Richard & Judy (“we” being myself, gemma, g-range, and ed) when the show premiered last year:

and here’s the trailer for the show…keep a look-out for the gal with the tell-tale canadian accent. c’est moi:

some photos from the past month i keep forgetting to upload…

out to dinner at Fressen on queen street west with my mates (l-r) caitlin, moi, jesse, sue, paula, vicki, sophia, and andrea.

upon seeing this photo, one of my gals commented, “day-um! all your friends are quite the dishes.”

tis true. my friends are rich in beauty.

while i’m simply rich in character.

moi, sophia, and andrea dancing at The Drake Hotel further down on queen west.

luis and sophia enjoying their pints. luis is my portuguese bruvva-from-anuvva-muvva. (heheh, got it?) some of you may recognize Luis from a Ford commercial that airs ad-nauseum on CTV.

oh luis . . .

okay, not to be one of those pedantic bloggers who only posts photos of their cats…..but look how cute my Cocoa is!!!

awww, snuggles!!!

i wuv my baby cocoa snuggles!

okay, i’ll stop. even the cat is fed up.

speaking of being portuguese, on the day i finally got my passport, i totally wigged out.

i kiss that thing every night.

the other day, i attended the Ultimate Travel Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. jesse (pictured in the first photo above) came wif.

it was incredible!!! we entered about 50 or 60 contests to win trips to different places (the one i’m keeping my fingers crossed is for the one to indonesia!), we got brochures and free swag from all different sorts of travel agencies, news organizations, tourism boards, travel insurance companies, tour companies, and travel magazines . . . they fed us like crazy (free sweet dates, chocolates, caramels, banana chips, wine, beer, mojitos)…

BUT the best part was definitely meeting Ian Wright from Pilot Guides (also known as Globe Trekker in some parts of the world)!! I love that show, i’ve been watching it for years. Ian Wright is totally crazy. dude will put anything in his mouth (including fried cockroaches). and he’s got some great stories. was rivetting to hear him speak.

his photos in the background were hilarious. that’s him as elvis….presumably taken somewhere in graceland.

nice one ian. frozen snot in yellowknife.

fish n’ chips. *sigh* i miss living in london.

anyway, the Ultimate Travel Show was a success. i was there for 5 hours, i couldn’t tear myself away!

i am officially a travel nerd.

last night i attended a party in honour of Descant Literary Journal, held at editor Karen Mulhallen’s house. one of my short stories is going to be published in their summer issue #146, so it was great to meet all the people involved in choosing and editing my work. sometimes being a writer can be a very lonely experience. huddled up with your computer all day, isolating yourself from everything except your imagination. so going to these events is vital for building and sustaining a literary community.

huzzah for Canadian Literature! aka Can.Lit!

….or “Clit” for brevity’s sake….


(just between you and me….)

i keep watching and rewatching this video of a Hip Hop Hustle class. how much fun does this look.

i just went over this post and counted how many exclamation points i used…

a lashing of apologies all around.

i am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does..

CTV has written up profiles about all the Canadian finalists in the Island Reef Job, and I am quite impressed with the research they did on me (a lot of this stuff they wrote about me, I didn’t tell them, they did their digging!). To read my profile and the other 6, click here!!

also, if you missed my interview on CTV Canada AM (either because you didn’t see it on telly or the previous link i provided expired) then click here to watch it in full!

i’ve been told through the grapevine that they’re re-broadcasting my reality TV show When Women Rule The World over in the UK. apparently, it’s re-running now on thursday nights at midnight on channel 4, and once again, lots of people are googling the show and landing on my blog. if you want all my reactions to each episode, go into my archives for September and October of 2008, i have episode round-ups, behind-the-scenes info, and links to download the entire episodes!

this past thursday, i joined my mates sofi, john, bonnie, len, and mike in the journey across the border to buffalo (or as sofi nicknamed it, “barfahole“) to attend a Morrissey concert!

see, Morrissey won’t play in Canada because he’s opposed to the seal hunt (and rightfully so, it sucks that our country still engages in that barbaric tradition), so we figured we’d endure the 1 hour 30 minutes drive south of the border, passports in hand, to see our beloved sexy ornery frontman sing classics and new favourites.

and of course, hilarity ensued!

here we are at Sofi’s flat, right before we all piled into john’s van. all for one and one for all, go team!

john’s not making a funny face. that’s how he looks most days. poor fella.

(from left to right) mike, moi, and bonnie. giggling in the car. rock on! hard core!

(l-r) bonnie, sofi, mike, moi. mike was really nervous as you can see because we’ve got drugs, firearms, and hookers in the trunk and he’s praying customs won’t notice.

we arrive at our hotel. mike does not look impressed….

…until the boys discover the joys of jumping on the beds!!

very zen photo. good times.

sofi’s t-shirt says “Club Soda. Not Seals.” take that, morrissey!

sofi is so excited, while the rest of us look somewhat bemused, inexplicably.

the gang in the hotel rooms, holding up the book of mormon we found in the drawers, and laughing at the idea contained within that native americans are the lost descendants of israel. oh, those delightful mormons!

the po-m0 shot: len taking a photo of sofi who’s taking a photo of me and bonnie in front of the Olive Garden sign.

sofi’s shot of us in front of the Olive Garden sign….sofi was so excited about eating here, she couldn’t contain the giddiness.

can you blame her? bottomless salad!!

buying booze at the local Wegmans. believe it or not, john is right behind sofi. all you can see of him is his newsie-cap and his arm. he’s been enveloped by the len-sofi–chrissy beast.

the boys find Golden Crisp, a cereal no longer available in canada, and all is right in their world again.

we decide to make a trip to Target, an american staple. but to make it sound more artistocratic, we nickname it “Targée.”

in the Targée, beaming with upper-class-snobbery pride.

oh no they di-int!!!

oh yes they did!!

i bought a dirty book at Barnes & Noble (or as we nicknamed it “Barnés et Noblé”) and was hoping the cashier would get all offended, but as it turned out, he couldn’t read.

finally onto the best photos! NEKKID MORRISSEY!!

after “how soon is now” he dropped to the floor. presumably waiting for me to climb right on…which i would have. that handsome old snot….i heart him.

i love how that audience-hand is basically reaching for his man-bits.

sofi and john were crying by this point.

best shot, courtesy of john. love you morrissey!!

Morrissey…replaced with our heads. of course, sofi gets to be on morrissey’s body. i get the guitarist with the most prominent treasure trail for some reason!!!

does anyone else find this photo-shopped pic really difficult to look at for more than 5 seconds?

anyway, best roadtrip ever!!

i have just heard of Jade Goody’s passing. i met her once, as this photo below will testify to. i was critical of her during her racism-row with Shilpa Shetty, but no one deserves to die in the painful way she did, and i am deeply saddened by her passing. cancer is the plague of the our modern era, and let’s hope a cure is found soon. RIP.

i said ‘wait slow down love, not so fast, i’ll be seeing ya!"; that’s why i found out you don’t play around with the Funky Cold Medina!

Go to the CTV Canada AM Website and click on “Best Job finalists need your votes,” which is located under the video player, to see my interview on the show this morning

(i have a funny feeling that link will expire soon…they probably update their page daily and delete this stuff…so hurry if you wanna see it!)

meeting melissa, one of the other canadian finalists, was great. she brought a mate with her who sat with me in the green room and fed me all the gossip that’s been going on amongst some of the other applicants! good times.

funniest part of the morning – realizing i wore the same shirt to the interview as in my video.

this is my only shirt. i use the other one as a towel and sometimes a dish rag.

*warning! warning! sarcasm going off the meter!*

anyways, i’ve done more interviews in these past few weeks than i can count, but oddly enough, it never ever gets dull, old, or boring. what are all these celebs whining about? stop being primadonnas! people are interested in you! show some enthusiasm!

there’s only a few more days before voting from the public finishes and TQ chooses its Top 10. so i guess it’s in the hands of the universe now.

in the meantime, give a sistah a little karma! (i.e vote for me and win my love forever)

after the interview, i had to race downtown to attend the press screening of “Sunshine Cleaning” starring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn, and Alan Arkin. i enjoyed it, i even weeped a little bit. if you ever catch me in the morning, i’m usually overly emotional, so just ignore me!

as i left the cinema, i could hear some of the other reviewers immediately bashing it. some where waxing philosophical with their elitism how scattered and unstructured the film was. sometimes i feel pressure when i’m sent to review a film to be overly cynical and critical. i don’t feel this pressure from my editors, but rather it comes more from the readers. as if they respect a reviewer more if she thinks everything is derivative and trite. well i know tropes when i see them, and this flick ain’t a trope. it was actually quite endearing and sweet, and loaded with real emotion. i will not become a cynic, i will not become a cynic…

watch the trailer for Sunshine Cleaning here…

out in the lobby of the cinema, i ran into my arch nemesis: the on-again-off-again boyfriend of one of my best mates. he does security at the press screenings sometimes, and last time i ran into him there was a few years ago (before i moved to london) and on that day we had a shouting match in the lobby about how he was hurting my mate by stringing her along.

see what i mean when i say that i stick my foot in my mouth!!

i gave him a mouthful in front of his coworkers. it was not very diplomatic of me, even though every thing i said was right! people like that make me so mad! but this time i promised my mate that i’d behave myself.

so as i left, i texted her and asked her to punch him for me when she saw him next.

right in the babymaker.

fingers crossed, she follows through.

riding thru da city on my bike all day ‘cuz da filth took away my license; it doesn’t get me down & i feel ok cuz da sites dat i’m seein are priceless

this photo of me was taken in the Lavender fields in the south of France, near Avignon.

tomorrow morning (wednesday), i’m going to be a guest on CTV Canada AM around 7:50am (EST). so if you live in canada and are up that early, please tune in and let me know what you fink (for those of you who live in western canada, i heard that the show is on a time-delay out there, so it should be on at 7:50am your time too!) this week they’re having all the canadian contestants on the show, i guess to try and drum up extra votes and exposure for us. should be a lot of fun!

set your DVR’s and TIVO’s! (or VCR’s if you’re still out of the loop, as my family is…)

speaking of which, as i type this, i am only a few votes away from breaking the 1000 mark! i know it’s not much in comparison with the votes some of the other contestants have, but it’s a little milestone victory for me! so please vote for me at www.islandreefjob.com/Christine and help me get over the hump! you can vote once every 24 hours from mulitple email addresses!

and while we’re on the subject of voting . . . i had a little stroke of genius a few nights ago, and blatantly misused some social networking sites in order to drum up votes. in the process, i got singer/songwriter extraordinaire Erykah Badu to vote for me (and encourage her fans to vote) AND i got actor/singer Brent Spiner (best known as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) to do the same.

that gave me a healthy boost in both votes and ego!

psst! famous people have hearts….pass it on.

since the weather has been warming up my nose and toes lately, i thought i’d go for a little bike ride the other day. i had already done a muscle-mushing excercise workout that day…actually, i had done 2 that day….but i love riding my bike with my music blaring way up in my headphones and singing loudly at the top of my lungs while people waiting at bus stops stare at me oddly and sigh because they have to take the bus while i zoom by under the sun….so i figured 3 workouts wouldn’t hurt.

so i rode from my house all the way to the intersection of don mills and lawrence. i’m not going to reveal online where i live, of course, for security reasons, but for my mates who are reading this and know where i live, you know that’s quite the distance!

round trip, i was gone about an hour and a half.. and my rump was killing me afterward! but it was so worth it!

think i might do the same after my weight-lifting excercise today.

when feeling sad and down in the dumps, some people take anti-depressants. some people go to therapists. some people try to express themselves more. some people ateempt to control their emotions. others try to regulate sadness through exercise and diet. all of these are positive steps to feeling better.

but for me, when i’m feeling a bit sad, i go for a bike ride. makes me feel like a jovial school-girl again.

and i get to sing ridiculous songs at the top of my lungs, and no one can say anything about it, because i zoom by too fast for them to stop me!!

acting like an 8 year old = ruling at life.


my CP24 interview

if you go to the CP24 page here, on the top right side of the page, you’ll find the video of my interview with Ann Rohmer. i did a second interview with them later in the day, but have yet to find it!

i fink i came across okay in it. let me know what you fink!

my interview on CBC:Newsworld, in studio!

i was invited to be interviewed in the CBC studios the day after i found out i made the Top 50 shortlist for the Island Reef Job.

it was live television and i was still reeling!

but the interview came out pretty well. see for yourself! (this segment includes video of when i found out i was in the top 50 – cbc was at my house filming every second – and of my in-studio interview)

oh and i keep forgetting to mention this: waaaay back in january when i entered the competition, i created a Facebook group. please join, i appreciate all your support!

fanks again munchkins!

fear is temporary. regret is forever.

this is a photo that was taken of me when i was interviewd on live television by Ann Rohmer on CP24…my lips are doing something weird (stupid mid-convo shot!), but overall it’s not a bad shot. Ms Rohmer was lovely, she was really excited for me, and gave me her card afterward to make sure I tell her what happens…

so, as i encouraged you munchkins to do, you’ve been sending me questions and comments about my application for the Island Reef Job. i said you could send positive or constructive feedback, i welcomed both.

careful what you wish for, eh?

the most common question is why i chose to make the video i did in such a fashion: very low tech and unedited when everyone else made really technically proficient videos.

well, to be honest, that was kinda the point!

i’ve seen video contests like these before (granted, i’d never entered in any of them previously) and i knew everyone was going to use cuts and fades and wipes and computer generated images and camera tricks and graphics and strategic edits and blue screens and what not.

and if you notice, of the videos that did use thos effects, the average length of each shot before it cuts away is 1-2 seconds.

i think that, when making videos, people too often rely on the technology to get people interested. the old saying is true: technology is a crutch. sometimes, instead of showcasing your personal talents and strengths, all you’re showcasing is how good you are with a click of a mouse. anyone can create fun graphics with a computer. but it’s much more difficult to put yourself out there for all to see without relying on fancy lights and star-graphics to keep people tuned in.

so i thought to myself, “let’s see if i can make a video that not only meets the requirements TQ is laying out, but also can hold the viewers attention for the full 60 seconds, WITHOUT relying on computer and camera tricks to keep people interested.”

the only thing i had to rely on, then, was myself.

i relied on my creativity and personality to make the video work.

and i guess it did work, or else i wouldn’t have made it this far. and for that, i am very proud of myself. because looking at some of the other videos, it looks like they needed a 10-person crew and several trucks of equipment just to complete their 60 seconds!

don’t get me wrong, i think the other 49 videos are absolutely brilliant. i’m especially proud of the 6 other canadians who made the cut, their videos are spectacular (gotta give a shout-out to my CBC sistah Anny Chih. i saw your video way before we made the Top 50, and i was blown away! great job, girl!!)

but from the ranks in votes, it seems that the video that was edited the most has the lowest votes so far. karyna from japan has the lowest votes, but her video was brilliant, very creative, and so so sweet! however, since it’s a stop-motion video, she must have edited the bejesus outta it!

i guess my point is this – people don’t respond to technology and editing. they respond to the person in front of the camera.

so that’s why my video is low-fi, but high-quirky.

THAT’S why i left the voice of my friend saying “go!” at the very beginning in the video. i could easily have edited that out, or have done another take. i thought it was funny! so i left it in for the yuk-yuk factor:)

love it or hate it, i just tried to be myself. and that’s all i can do.

now with this in mind, let’s take another look at my video:

another comment that people have been addressing to me is actually quite the compliment and so i’d like to take a quick moment to address it:

people are saying that after reading my blog and discovering everything about me and my history, they think i am really well suited to this job. fanks!! i agree with you!! (har har har)

but you’ve noted however, that my blog does a better job of showcasing my suitability as a candidate than my video does.

i guess that’s the limits of 60 seconds! i tried to say why i should get it, plus what i knew of the GBR, all while rhyming and whipping up props! i can only say so much i guess, but fanks for following up on me and seeing what it is i do with my life! i’m very humbled by everyone who has thrown their support behind me.

anyway, back to my shameless self promotion!! don’t forget to vote for me daily here – www.islandreefjob.com/Christine

fanks again for all the questions and comments! keep ’em coming!!

(did i just say that?)

those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it


i just received a letter in the mail about 2 minutes ago from the Canada Council for the Arts.

i’m a recipient of one of the Grants to Professional Writers in the Creative Writing program!!!


(please pass me a new pair of undies)

i applied for this last October, as i do every year, so that my broke rump can work on my novel without interruption. artists rarely make enough money to live off their art alone, so we apply for funds from public granting offices to keep our lives afloat. so we can eat and pay rent and what not.

i mean, if i wanted to be rich, i definitely wouldn’t have become a writer!

i’ve gotten grants in the past…once in 2003 from the toronto arts council, and again in 2005 from the Canada Council…both were for different projects. and i’ve always been so humbled and so grateful for every single penny i receive, especially considering the quantity of applications they receive. it’s in the thousands for sure!

so for the CC to not only recognize the validity of my work and my talent, but to also award me with the sum they did (i won’t brag about how much, however it is substantial……….that’s still bragging, huh?) is truly an honour.

fanks ‘anonymous peer assessment team!’ you’re swell. have you lost weight?

so now i can work on my novel without worrying about paying bills and i can finally finish this project! (i can just hear groans rising up over cyber space right now. people are gonna think now that i’ve been awarded this, i don’t deserve to win the Island Reef Job. trust me, while the award is very generous, it’s not enough to live off of for one year.) my project is up to about 250 pages, so not long to go now. should take me another 6 months approximately


2009 is turning out to be a great year. first i get my EU citizenship, then i’m a Top 50 in the Island Reef Job (don’t forget to vote pour moi! www.islandreefjob.com/Christine), and now my creative writing talent has been recognized by a national granting authority.

uh oh….wait a sec….

does this mean i don’t have to work again, or that i’ll never work again?

speaking of the Island Reef Job, i just wanna give a shout out to all the NING people. i’ve been lurking on the site for a couple months now, since i was first contacted about it. i’ve noticed a lot of heated discussions going on there, and for that reason, i didn’t join so as not to stir the pot. but i know a lot of you have been following my blog. i think the community is a brilliant idea, and the support you’re giving each other is truly commendable. mad props!

to address some of your comments:

-yes, i know i look like i’m 19. it’s because of the canadian cold. it slows down the aging process. i officially turned 28 on march 2nd (the day i found out i was in the top 50, no less). no gray hairs, and no wrinkles, huzzah!

-i’ve had my blog for almost 4 years now (april will be the anniversary). i’ve travelled every year since my blog started.

-i did my video in 2 takes. in the first take when i threw the snow up in the air, it landed all over me, which looked bollocks! second take went much better. perfect. upload. sent. done.

-the song that’s playing on my blog right now is “Allies” by the group “Blue States” (people in the UK should recognize it, as it’s played in the Channel 4 commercials for their “Cutting Edge” series). i think it’s a stirring song. don’t turn down the volume! savour it!!

if ya’ll got any more questions or comments (good or bad, i’m all ears), feel free to shoot them my way.

"i’m sorry, i can’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness"

watch my dorkified and geekotronic interview on CityTV News here! this news segment was actually filmed at my house in toronto….in my bedroom and computer room….i feel so violated!! (ha)

click on the video:)


and if you missed it in my last blog post, read my interview with CTV News here

AND listen to my phone interview with CFRB Radio here, you can stream it:)

don’t forget to vote once a day for me! www.islandreefjob.com/Christine

on a personal note, yesterday before i did those two CP24 News interviews, I went to the Portuguese consulate and picked up my Portuguese passport!! Huzzah!! I am now officially a dual citizen, Canadian and Portuguese! After 2 years of filing papers and hanging out at consulates and sending off documents and waiting impatiently and getting majorly pissed off and getting a bit of luck, the process is over! i can now work and live in the European Union without restriction! when i lived i london for 2 years on my worthless Visa, i was under so my restrictions, it was debilitating! now, i can wake up one morning and be like, “you know what, today i’m polish!” and i can just move to poland and live and work there without restriction and there ain’t no one to stop me!!


the world is my toystore.

she buttoned her boot, and straightened her suit, and then she said "don’t get cute"

so traffic on this blog has gone through the roof….déja vù in too short a period!

i am fielding a lot of questions about myself, who i am, what i represent, where i come from.

for those of you who want to know more about me in a succint few paragraphs, click here to read to my official biography.

Also, most of my travel documentaries and videos are on my Youtube Channel page here. personal fav videos of mine (found on my youtube channel) include:

the fruit n’ veg market from Pristina, Kosovo,

and the view of Zagreb, Croatia…

if you’d like to read a selection of some of my published writing:

here’s my interview with Lily Allen, brit-pop singer/songwriter extraordinaire.

here’s my recent film review of Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream,” starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farell

here’s a recent travel writing piece i wrote about Nice, France for NOW Magazine

and here’s a short n’ sweet travel writing piece i wrote about Seville, Spain for UKULA.

Also, if you want a sample of some of the travelling I’ve done, click here to read my past blog about Sarajevo, which I backpacked through this past summer.

Another favourite trip was my weeklong-walk across Hadrian’s Wall, which I did this past fall, and you can read my blog about it here.

also, a lot of you have been messaging me about the reality TV show i was did in the UK last year called When Women Rule The World. visit the official website here for details.

watch the trailer for When Women Rule The World here:

and watch my interview on popular UK talkshow Richard and Judy here:

here are a select few photos taken from my years of travelling:

this was taken at Lake Matka, just outside of Skopje, Macedonia.

this was taken in Sofia, Bulgaria…that shop name is clearly lost in translation!

this photo was taken in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina…i’m inside the TUNEL, built during the ’92-’95 siege to smuggle food and water to the Bosnians….their president was even forced to use this tunnel during the siege!

this photo was taken in Belgrade, Serbia, at the hostel i was staying at. look at my massive backpack! look at the smile on my face! huzzah for solo-backpacking!!

this photo was taken in Samana, Dominican Republic during the filming of When Women Rule The World…this is an official press photo, hope no one at Channel 4 minds that I use this!

this photo was taken at the Zurich Street Parade in Switzerland…hence the beads and lai’s and the look in my eye!

this photo was taken on the bus from Oxford to London (England). i think this photo says everything about travelling, doesn’t it!

this photo was taken in London, England. i’m skating next to the Natural History Museum off High Street Kensington

this photo was taken sometime past 3am at the Bulgaria-Istanbul border (had to get off the train to get our visas and passport stamps). i’m standing next to my train, the bosphorus express, which took me direct from bucharest, romania to istanbul, turkey….after 19 hours, of course.

this photo was taken in Cambridge, England. i love cycling through places. great way to see them!

speaking of which, here i am cycling through belgrade, serbia!

alright, now that you are officially tired of me….DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME!

ha. i’m such a raging dork.

dorkus malorkus.


but i’m passionate, ya gotta give me that!

go to www.islandreefjob.com/Christine , enter your email address to vote for me, and you can do it once a day! huzzah!

tomorrow, march 4th, 3 different newspaper article will be printed about me and my Island Reef Job application. So pick up a copy of The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, and Metro (which is free in subways and on the street). If you can’t get a print copy, their articles are almost always posted on their websites. if you can’t find the articles online, i will endeavour tomorrow to find them and put their links up here!

fanks for all the support, munchkins!

EDIT!! here are the links to the 4 newspaper articles that feature me! here’s The Toronto Star article, here’s the Globe & Mail article, here’s the Metro News article (written by fellow blogger Octo!), and I also get a shout out on BlogTO today.


EDIT #2!! click here to listen to my interview on CFRB radio. and click here to read an interview i did with CTV news….

i was on CP24 twice today…first interviewed by Ann Rohmer, and then by Jee-Yun Lee. fun times all around, and got a free copy of Windows Vista for my trouble!

free swag!!

press interviews galore!

CBC: The National was at my house last night, I went into the CBC studios this morning for my interview on CBC Newsworld, I just did a phone interview with the Globe And Mail which should come out tomorrow in their A & E section, and Global News is on their way to my house right now. and after Global News, CityTV is coming over!!!!!


and so many articles are being printed about the fact that 7 of us lucky canadians made it into the top 50!

i am so honoured to be amongst that group.

i’ll update you guys more (since traffic on here has gone bezerk in the past 24 hours!) about my foibles and follies in the next few days.

but i still haven’t eaten!! or slept!!

anyway, please cast your vote for me for the Island Reef Job here

i’ve been getting reports that the website is slow to send people the voting confirmation to their emails, so please be patient.

vote once a day! vote with every email addy you have! vote often!

fanks for the support!

EDIT: here’s a little report that CityTv put up on their website which features my video!


Out of over 34,000 applications for the Island Reef Job in Queensland, Australia, I HAVE BEEN SELECTED AS ONE OF THE TOP 50 CANDIDATES! HUZZAH!

and today’s my 28th birfday! happy birfday to me!!!

for those of you out of the loop, the island reef job, sponsored by Tourism Queensland, is a 6 month job in the great barrier reef, where the winner’s job will be to explore all the islands in the reef (by swimming, snorkeling, and hiking) and create a blog, regular videos, and photography…..and you get a tidy sum of $150,000 Aussie dollars!!

this is what i need of you, my loyal mateys

please go to www.islandreefjob.com/Christine

enter your email address and vote for me. if you have more than one email addy, vote twice!

because traffic on the website is super high, you may have trouble voting at first, BUT PLEASE KEEP AT IT!

and please forward this all your friends, family, coworkers, and random people you know! can use all the help i can get!!

ALSO, if you live in canada, i have been interviewed by CBC’s The National about the Island Reef Job, which will air tonight at 9pm on CBC Newsworld (Eastern time) and again at 10pm on CBC TV (Eastern time)…channels 26 and 6 respectively if you live in toronto

And for those of you who might miss the national tonight, i’ll be interviewed tomorrow morning on CBC Newsworld (the tv show) 8:15am eastern, channel 26!

for those of you who live abroad, CBC is like BBC, except with commercials….and canadians.


fanks for the continued support munchkins!

I was on ABC News!!!!

it’s a super quick snippet, but my video application for the Island Reef Job was flashed across ABC News the other night.

You can watch the ABC news report here. (do it quick before the link expires!)

and, as always, you can watch my video here on youtube

or on the official website here

please go to youtube and comment on my video. and pass this around to your mates!

fanks for the support guys!

EDIT: i was also interviewed by Australian journalist John Nayler for Channel Whitsunday about my application for the Island Reef Job, and you can watch the video of it here. we’re in front of the CN Tower, here in toronto….the tallest free-standing structure in the world. i used to work there when i was 20 years old. sigh. memories…..