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Clet Abraham

Check me out in the latest issue of AufBau Magazine (if you can read German)


 AufBau is a monthly Swiss-German Jewish magazine that has been around for many decades. In the 1930s, regular contributors included Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt! Their latest issue, the August/September issue, is all about Canada with a focus on Toronto’s arts and cultural scene. Knowing full well that I’m not part of “the tribe,” they still asked me to contribute two articles to the issue! The first one is about Lorne Michaels and SNL’s continued relevance in Canada, and the second details the arts and cultural festivities that occur in Toronto each year.

Now, the issue is only in German, so if you can read German, click here or click on the above image! I’m on page 17 and later on page 23. I’ve been told that the English version might appear soon on their website… if so, I will link to that as it happens.

This is the first time I’ve ever been translated into another language. I feel pretty Ausgezeichnet, as the Germans might say.



Clet Abraham takes over Paris

I’ve blogged Clet Abraham’s work before, in the UK and in Germany, but it seems he has been busy in Paris. Look at all this awesomesauce!



Check out my Clet Abraham category for more of his work that I’ve photographed!

Neighbourhood Watch

Found these in Dusseldorf.

Not sure who the artist behind them might be, but they are awfully similar to the work of Clet Abraham. Speaking of whom, I found some more of Clet’s stuff in London a few months ago:

Sorry for the grainy Blackberry pics but, you know, sometimes I forget the camera at home. This was just north of Oxford Street on a parallel street.

Sigh. Blackberry is shit.

Check out my Clet Abraham category.

More from Clet Abraham

I had found one of these in Soho in December, and one of my readers informed me that this is by Clet Abraham.

This is much better than the first one I found, because it is unblemished, and you can appreciate the work that much more. This was on Greek Street in Soho, London.

What I really like about these simply-designed stickers, is that they remind us that the government has a monopoly on the language of the street, and the language used to paint the street. But who do the streets belong to, if not the people? Clet Abraham is launching an attack on the streets, and everyone is invited.

Check out Clet Abraham on Twitter… and me while you’re at it!

We all have our burdens to bear



20121224-150048.jpgFound this clever little guy in Soho. Now all someone has to do if give the guy a crown of thorns, and add a cross-piece to the white bar, and you’ve got yourself something Christmas-y.