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Ontario Court of Justice=Ontario Court of Profanity

This year I have spent way to much time in court houses! Earlier this year I was called in for jury duty for a First Degree Murder Trial (which I blogged about here, and subsequently broke the internet. Hello traffic!), and today I attended traffic court to fight a ticket I received in 2010. Speedy trial, eh? Two years later, I get my court date! That’s justice for you.

Anyway, I won my trial. I went to traffic court once before, about 10 years ago, and the officer didn’t show up so my case was dismissed. This time, the officer showed, so I had to go to trial. I was the only person who had to go to trial at this session, so I watched all the other cases go before the judge and what not, and was the last person to be called forward.

When I was called forward, the prosecutor (a spindly, sour-faced, fraction of a woman whose antic disposition was written in the huge crevices of her face) asked me if the parking officer and I had shared our information and evidence. I said no, so the three of us (the prosecutor, the officer, and myself) stepped aside while court was in session to go over each others evidence.

The parking officer was a bit hyper and kept interrupting me, so I said, “I’d like to finish my thought, you’re not letting me finish my thought.”

The prosecutor then said to me, I kid you not,

“Clearly you’re not going to shut up so let’s go back into the court room.”

WHILE COURT WAS IN SESSION, this green-pants-suit prosecutor hurled profanity and abusive language at me.

Shocked and appalled, I looked at her and literally said, “Did you just tell me to shut up? It’s inappropriate for you to speak to me that way and I find your language offensive.”

She then addressed the judge and said that I was interrupting court proceedings. ME!

Yeah, because I’m the one hurling obscenities while court was in session.

There are signs posted outside and inside that court room which say that abusive language will not be tolerated, yet the court prosecutor hurled abusive language at me (which at best was inappropriate and at worst was offensive) and NO ONE disciplined her.

I won my court case because the parking officer was a bit scattered and contradicted herself on the stand, so the case was dismissed and thrown out. Yay!

But after I left the court room, the parking officer came up to me and said that she found the prosecutor to be “rude and out of order” and that she felt sorry for me when the prosecutor spoke to me that way. Other people in the area, who witnessed her speaking to me that way, also came up to me to express their disgust about her language.


Clearly this prosecutor thinks all people are stupider than her and beneath her, and she has the right to speak to me that way. Everyone is an idiot, right lady? Who cares how you speak to them? You’re a PROSECUTOR!

Well, you may think being a prosecutor means you’re in the upper echelons of society, but really, all it confirms is that you’re a liar, a cheat, a swindler, a hustler, and untrustworthy. And tantamount to that, you’re also filthy-mouthed and lack proper manners.

And let’s not forget, I won my case!

So I’ve sent a complaint to the Attorney General.

Remember, citizens, no one has the right to speak to you that way, especially in a court of law.

Fight the power! Stand up for yourself!

Did I mention I won my court case?


(* above artwork by Deadboy, ‘natch)

EDIT: I’ve also sent a complaint to the Toronto Prosecution Services, and to the Law Society of Upper Canada

Samo in technicolour

i found him once before, now he’s painted like a rainbow.

Samo Lives

he does, indeed.

DeadBoy is Under The Influence

Moi & DeadBoy at his gallery opening! photo by Rob (who was tanked on the awesomesauce.)

Last night, DeadBoy launched his Under The Influence exhibit at the Don’t Tell Mama gallery (on the Ossington strip), and the exhibit is up for the rest of the month. I would highly recommend checking it out, and buying one of his pieces asap before they’re all snatched up. I’m telling all of you now – in a couple years, his pieces will be selling at Christie’s and Sotheby’s for 6 figures. Mark my words. Buy now! Collector items and they’re fucking gorgeous.

See for yourself:

from his “Adore” series.

this is the one Adore piece that hasn’t hit the streets… yet.

does this piece look familiar? it should.

back in October, Deadboy gave me this piece. it was the very first piece of his i had ever found on the street, and to this day, it is still my favourite and means the most to me. sometimes i get pre-menstrual just looking at it…. stupid girlie hormones. (sniffle).

the piece he’s selling is gold instead of white like mine…. it really makes the image pop and gives it a haunting, antiquated quality to it.


and speaking of “Madonna,” back in 1983 when she was working the club scene like CBGBs and Danceteria in New York, she briefly dated a then-unknown street artist named….

Basquiat! i think this is my favourite piece at the entire exhibit. it’s an homage to one of the first street artists to change and revolutionize the form. Deadboy actually created this on a door he found! i love found-art! if you know anything about Basquiat when he was a street artist, his tag was “samo” with the crown symbol next to it, which deadboy has incorporated here. Basquiat said that “samo” was in reference to art being “same old same old” but the word also is related to racist language (sambo) used during slavery (and for a century afterwards).

Basquiat influenced his girlfriend Madonna so much, that for a brief time, she engaged in graffiti around new york as well. Her tag was… you guessed it…. “Boy Toy.”

Basquiat eyes. I really really want this door, but I can’t actually USE it as a door because I have a tendency to slam my doors when i’m pissed off (which is often. i have a temper).

“thanks for not voting!”
this one guy showed up at the exhibit and said to me that he found this piece offensive because he’s a card-carrying member of the Conservative party. i said, “really? my condolences.”

the dude then went on and on about how he thinks Canadians abuse the health care system because it’s universal, whereas in other countries where they have to pay for it, they don’t go to the doctor as often. i told him he was talking out of his ass, and that caring for its citizens and ensuring the right to life for every member of society should be the first priority of a government.

he said his taxes were too high because of our universal health care…. to which i replied, “oh of course. who cares about the suffering and disease of other people. all you should care about is your bottom line.”

and he goes, “exactly. i don’t care about other people as long as i’m making money.”

and there you have it folks – this one douche perfectly sums up the Canadian Conservative party in one sentence.

he then got all defensive and was like, “i don’t want to debate my political beliefs!”
and i calmly replied, “you brought it up, dude. i didn’t ask for your political beliefs, you offered up the info to me and started ranting. if you don’t wanna debate it, don’t bring it up.”

opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. and while i respect your RIGHT to an asshole, i don’t respect the shit that comes out of it.

the eponymous piece.

la piece de resistance.

that’s goddamn right. ATHEISM FOR THE WIN!

Check out my DeadBoy category for more of his work that I’ve photographed, and please please please go to his exhibit! It runs all month! Buy art!

adore your deadboy

when deadboy put up his ADORE at shaw and argyle, it wasn’t long until it was vandalized, making the poor lass look like she either had a beard, or a face-veil. so deadboy recently returned to that construction panelling and erected a NEW Adore, one just as lovely and beautiful and beguiling and bewitching as the first.

joel richardson’s 911 has been left untouched, it seems.

…. as has Anser’s lady portraits.

deadboy has also recently been profiled in a series of graffiti documentary exposés (produced by a couple of friends of mine, kelli and james) called BETWEEN THE LINES which just today received some MAH-JAH props on the mother-blog WOOSTER Collective!
you can watch deadboy’s profile here:

SO proud of him!

check out my DeadBoy category to see more of his work

L’amour, c’est l’infini mis à la portée des caniches

Remember this post from last summer? Gosh, that was a sad post (for obvious reasons). Anyway, if you scroll down that post, you’ll see some stencils I had found of angels wearing gas masks. I went back to that alley recently and I found another one, as the original ones have been tagged and painted over.


upon closer inspection, there’s no evidence to suggest this is an angel … just someone in flounced garb. perhaps it is supposed to suggest a neo-classical roman or greek god/goddess?

i don’t know who is behind these stencils, but i have reason to believe that this might be the early work of Deadboy. Why?

this was on the opposite wall.

old boy

stick it to the man

i love stickers! i debated titling this post “stick it to the MANR” but i didn’t find any MANR stickers.

omg they’ve resurrected spudbomb.com! that website went defunct YEARS ago (i should know, i’ve been checking) but now that SPUD has been bombing the city like mad lately, and has an upcoming gallery show (guess who’s been invited? DIS GAL!), i guess he felt it was time to bring back the ol’ spudbomb! expect more blog posts about Spud soon, i have so many photos of his stuff to share!

remember that stephen king movie IT?

that looks like the Peculiar Purple Pie-man of Porcupine Peak.

wuzzat say?

“i blame helvetica” and “blame cheap drugs.”

i love that cool RESIST sticker. i almost didn’t notice it cuz the font is just like the Canada Post font. (oh hai deadboy).

shut up, YOU’RE no fun.

is this another piece by that FROMAGE guy? i see his cheesey stuff everywhere, even in montreal!

so much velveeta.

More of the Rob Ford Graffiti Gallery

A few months ago, I sold a trove of my graffiti photos to The Grid, and it became known as The Rob Ford Graffiti Gallery. It was a very popular piece, and I am rather proud of it. Turns out The Grid took my photos and turned them into this nifty video. Enjoy!

speaking of Rob Ford graff, this is an old Deadboy piece, but i found it in a new spot recently, and it had some graff-comments on it.

first was Gregory Alan Elliot‘s smiling heart, and then there was the “stop this” which could either refer to Deadboy or to Ford. oh double entendre!

DEADBoY bombs graffiti alley again!

friend-of-this-blog and street artist DEADBoY emailed me these two photos of him in action, erecting two new raccoon stencils in graffiti alley, so i went down to photograph his new work.

in case you were wondering, graffiti alley has been designated a legal place for urban artists to practice. i’m not sure if that’s actually on the books, or if The Filth have been told to look the other way, but if you’re jonesing to try your hand at graff, this is the place to do it without fear of getting caught.

it was a bright and sunny afternoon when i entered the alley. i’m never afraid to go adventuring through toronto’s back alleys, but i understand why many women are… so if you do want to go find these pieces, but aren’t too keen on going at night, this photo shows that during the day, it’s pretty quiet and deserted.

there’s  one!

this is an old one of his, but i didn’t photograph it last time i was in the alley (lazy girl that’s me!)

there’s another!

look at that detailing! anyone who knows anything about making stencils, you know that cutting this much detail is difficult. manipulating the exacto-knife is a skill unto itself!

smells like wee.

and another!

check out my DEADBoY category to see more of his work that i’ve photographed!

i wanna take a ride on your disco STICKER

i’m looking at your right meow.

is that barack obama?

see that ‘leave your dreams’ sticker right above obama’s head? i found a larger version of that once before in graffiti alley.

this looks like an EARLY attempt at a deadboy sticker, n’est-ce pas? i found it in front of the superior court of justice, that takes balls, bruv!

love ain’t safe; you won’t get hurt if you stay chaste

only one blog post today, munchkins, i’ve been in jury duty selection all day, and must return tomorrow! obviously, i can’t talk about the details, and if i end up being selected for this particular case, blogging and tweeting will probably either slow to a crawl, or cease to exist altogether. when i know more, you’ll know more!

civic duty, and all that.

onto today’s graffiti and street art stars!


i’m way behind on photographing this stuff because it happened weeks ago, but i’ve been travelling, so you will forgive my tardiness! remember a few months ago when i photographed Deadboy’s piece up on the construction panelling at shaw and argyle? if you look at that post, he had put his lovely ADORE piece next to the Inside Out Project wheatpastes…

before New Years, renovations occurred…. and while the entirety of the Inside Out Project wheatpastes were removed and painted over, along with all the other graff, ALL OF DEADBOY‘S pieces, including Adore and the Raccoons, were spared!


but some new stuff has popped up next to Deadboy’s Adore, so let’s take a closer look….

fans of this blog will recognize this style immediately as Joel Richardson‘s.  he uses his infamous suited-man stencil and incorporates it into a 911. SO MUCH DOUBLE ENTENDRE. brainsplosion.

and next to it, to show his lurve of the work,of course gregory alan elliot had put his heart of approval.

if you round the corner onto argyle street, you’ll find that richardson wasn’t done with this spot….

he told me that he has erected these little praying halo’d ladies around his hometown, but he didn’t tell me where he had placed them in toronto, so finding this was super exciting!


check out my Deadboy category, my Joel Richardson category, and my Gregory Alan Elliot category for more examples of their work.

DEADBoY and Joel Richardson, look what I do for you

it was christmas day, and it was fricken freezin’ outside, but i STILL stripped down to photograph myself in Bushwick sportin’ your Tees.


hahaha “DEADBoY was here” could either mean “here in brooklyn” or “here on my ass.”
take your pick.

fist-pump! power to the people!

now that you’re presence has officially been made in brooklyn, it’s time to get your work up on some of these walls, boys!

check out my DEADBoY and Joel Richardson categories for more of their work.

Deadboy’s raccoon steals bling from Banksy’s rat

DEADBoY messaged me yesterday the locations of some of his new stencils in and around the Ossington strip, and the first one I found was a return to his raccoon series and a nod to one of his graff idols, Banksy

it’s Banksy’s rat next to DEADBoY’s ghetto ‘coon! as you probably already know, Banksy has had a long history of stencilling his rat series around London, which he admittedly ripped off of Blek Le Rat. The original ghetto Banksy rat that DB is referencing in this stencil looks like this below:

so DB returned to his raccoon series, and took the bling offa Banksy’s rat and gave it to Ghetto Coon!

hahahha, he looks gutted.

this is the second DB piece that I found yesterday. it’s a lampoon of the NIKE adverts. it now says LIKE, and instead of the slogan “just do it,” it says “just forget it.” there’s a picture of a young  child holding a gun.

DB has previously created pieces of children with fire arms before, but i feel this takes on a greater significance because NIKE is well known for using sweatshops in south east asia, employing child labourers, paying them pennies a day, mistreating them, forbiding unions/job security/benefits/proper rest facilities or safety conditions …. so when you buy a NIKE product, you are basically telling the children NIKE exploits that you “like, just forget it” ever happens.

this is the third DB piece of the night, and it’s his trademark. when out in public, he not only wears this mask (as he did the first time i met him), but it’s also the image on his stickers.

it’s kind of scary, especially since it looks like it’s dripping blood or saliva or something. which is ironic, ’cause the whole time i’ve known DB, he’s been such a lamb.

check out my DEADBoY category for more of his work that i’ve photographed.

first peek at DEADBoY’s movie debut

imagine Exit Through The Gift Shop, but with Canadians.

his face isn’t shown and his voice has been altered, but that’s mah boyeee.

he’s the next Banksy. fo’realz. watch out.

Ebenezer Ford by DEADBoY!

friend of this blog, and toronto graff superstar, Deadboy emailed me yesterday morning to let me know his new street art stencil lampooning Rob Ford had gone up in Graffiti Alley. it’s called Ebenezer Ford, depicting our NIGHTMAYOR (get it?) as scrooge, and with the byline “…enjoy the pink slips.” if you look at my Deadboy category, you’ll see that satirizing the Ford brothers is a running theme in his work, and greatly informs his ethos. so i was SUPER PUMPED to go photograph it.  Unfortunately, by the time I made it down to graffiti alley at 6pm THE SAME DAY, it had already been painted over!

here’s the before shots that Deadboy sent me.

… and here’s the after shot!

i was standing there in Graffiti Alley, so bummed, and also a bit haunted. there was a tub of wheatpaste sitting off to the side, and as i photographed this, an empty spraypaint can rolled past my feet, tumbling loudly, echoing off the hollow walls.

the graffiti gods are laughing at me.

that’s the thing about street art: you snooze, you lose. it has such a short shelf life, and that’s why i try to document it as much as i can, because if you try to find most of the pieces i’ve catalogued on this blog, you’ll find the majority of them long gone.

fear not, Deadboy told me he’ll put up some more around the city soon, so hopefully I’ll get to photograph them before THE MAN gets to them.

speaking of Ebenezer Scrooge, i think Christmas is a humbug too.

just call me Lebenezer Scrooge.


my teeth and ambitions are bared

listen to this shit because we kick it ’til dawn

this lil’ lass got a shout out on BlogTO. fanks dudes! click the above image to read the article.


bane of my existence!!!!!!!!!!

le sigh.

oh well, bloggers can’t be choosers.

NEVERMIND! they fixed it. complaining works sometimes. yay!

Rob Ford as Humpty DumBty!

local street artist Deadboy has erected a new wheatpaste in graffiti alley, and he sent me some snaps.

EDIT! turns out deadboy spraypainted it up, so it’s not a paste-up.

it’s Rob Ford as Humpty Dumpty! or Humpty “DumBty” as deadboy puts it. i love how he put it up right next to his older Rob Ford piece where he’s flipping the bird.

deadboy has great timing. every time Ford has done something stupid (talking on his cell phone while driving, him & his brother not knowing who margaret atwood is), a new deadboy piece has gone up within days.  seeing as how Mayor Ford ridiculous 911 call is making even Keith Olbermann cringe (fast forward to time index 2:15) , now was the time to say something, and deadboy nailed it.

Rob snapped this photo of it at night

margaret atwood

best in show

i originally found her back in May when i was walking down the queen street west with someone who is now a ghost. i photographed her and asked, “did you love someone? did you lose someone?”

the answer to both was yes.

in a twist that i never saw coming, a month later, my answer to both turned out to be yes, as well.

now to have her hovering over my bed, looking down on me as the warm undertow of sleep drags me under, i feel for once like i can hold onto something intangible until it bleeds through my fists.

deadboy says he wanted me to have it because i was the first person to take notice of his work, and acknowledge its beauty. i unwrapped it in a quiet café on college street and swallowed hard, feet dug in, i will not blubber like an idiot, i will not blubber like an idiot.

i walked in the rain, holding her against my chest, alone but in a city of millions. i wanted to talk to her, but i knew at once that she couldn’t hear me.

not yet anyway.

and that if i shouted, my voice would be amplified.

to catch a street

on September 24th, the Street Art Showcase went down at city hall. i couldn’t attend because i was hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (poor me, eh?), but Rob did. he snapped these photos of Deadboy in action, creating one of his signature raccoons.

as you scroll down it’s like the artwork is unravelling into being before your eyes.



sometimes i am a deadboy

a rising star in the toronto street art community (and friend of this blog), Deadboy has left his mark yet again on this city. this time on the same panelling that has the Inside Out project.


notice how her eyes seem to follow you everywhere?


i walk down the length of the panelling, disgusted to see how some nimrod had given each of the Inside Out faces red bindis (way to give the graffiti scene credence, ya racist twat), when i saw at the bottom one of Deadboy’s signature raccoons.

pointing to the left, so i walked left

another one pointing to the right. realized they were guarding something between ’em

the queen.

it’s like she’s saying, “i’ve got a secret to tell you.”

for more of his work, check out this blogs’ Deadboy category

hello, my name is

i think my favourite turn of phrase is on the bottom right corner with the “fuck the po-lice.”

speaking of the po-lice who have unjustly arrested toronto street artist Spud (i blogged about it here), in connection with this shockingly upsetting news, The Toronto Star interviewed me yesterday morning about Spud.

they wanted to know what his style and influence on toronto has been, why he is a legend in the toronto graffiti scene, why i have chosen to continually profile his work, and a little about why i choose to document graffiti and street art on this blog.

it should go online and in print in The Toronto Star in the next few days, imma let you know.

the last time this blog got major graffiti props was also from The Toronto Star last  month, in a profile of local street artist/ingenue Deadboy:

 click the above image to read that article.

i won’t stop profiling Spud’s work, but from now on i won’t be posting the locations of these finds. i don’t want to give the police any fuel.


Graffiti isn’t the problem. It’s society not knowing what to do with its artists. Oh look, there’s a rose. LET’S PAVE OVER IT.” -Ron English