"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."


Word on the Street in New York is …

Post No Selfie.

Post No Bills, Give No Fucks.

Know Thy Selfie.

I Reeeally Dislike The Word ‘Artist.’

Fuck Your Phone – Keep Your Head Up!

I’m More Of An Internet Artist.

no more tears.


The Power Of Kanye Compels You.

All I See Are Naked Emperors. –Gilf

Never Let Go.

Loveless (I am not).

Black Is Beautiful – Jef Aerosol.

We’re all alone
Bound by fear
Seeking the mirage of love.


I photographed this three years ago. It seems the #FairyTalesfortheFatherless wheatpaste crew is still at it.

Sound familiar? Look to the right of this blog.

Aren’t we all.

That’s a GILF …at Bushwick 5points

once again, another aside in between travelogues. Right now I’m off for a kayaking and snorkelling extravaganza off the coast of Koh Samui so I thought I would appease you with one of my favourite female street artists, GILF! Check out my GILF category for more of her brilliant work that I’ve photographed.

I found this at the Bushwick 5points, which is a new addition to the 5points family based in Long Island. This piece shows Dorothy from the wizard of oz as a bag lady, pushing two shopping carts fulla junk. Some stencil work here. Simple design done with brilliant, effective execution.
this next GILF, I found on Orchard just north of division in the LES.
20121025-185722.jpgwhy are your eyes closed?

Betty White is a GILF

at least, i’m pretty sure this stencil by GILF is of Betty White …. it looks like Betty White!

GILF i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
found this on Harrison Place in Bushwick, Brooklyn


i photographed Veng in that Greenpoint mural and realized I had so much more of his stuff on my camera! He’s all over NYC, bless him. The above was in alphabet city, i think on 12th and Avenue A.

this was at north 4th and wythe in williamsburg

this mural was on the corner of Morgan Avenue and Grattan street in bushwick, brooklyn.

this was on north 3rd and kent in williamsburg… it’s a collab with Robots Will Kill (dude’s real name is Chris, i think) and Gilf! I first photographed both Veng and RWK last year when i was exploring Bushwick, their styles are unmistakable.

another RWK, Veng, and Gilf collab at Welling Court in Astoria.


on Grattan street in Bushwick.

i love gilf. i am photographing more and more of her work and i cannot express how talented she is. i have an almost atavistic response to her work.


Ignorant People Steal Street Art

this is by a street artist i am increasingly falling in love with the more i see her work – Gilf.

on Grattan Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn

on Flushing Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn