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Inside @Station16MTL’s Street Art Gallery

Recently I was invited on a personal tour of Station 16 Gallery in Montreal. I’ve been friendly with its founder Carlo for about four years now, ever since I facilitated an introduction between him and a local street artist. So when I told him that I would be back in my old Montreal stomping grounds, he took a couple hours out of his busy day to show me around the ever-expanding gallery.

Station 16 is located on Boulevard St-Laurent in the heart of le plateau, where the gallery’s presence has boosted the community’s economy and sprouted new growth and development for local businesses. Montreal was hit hard by the economic downturn, and there are still many empty retail spaces around. So Station 16 partnered with the annual Mural Festival to reinvigorate interest in this historical and trendy area.

The goal of Station 16 is to feature and promote local urban artists as well as international favourites. The great thing I noticed when I entered the gallery was how busy it was. Most art galleries are usually very quiet, with one or two patrons an hour, and the receptionists’ shoes usually cost more than your entire annual salary. For many people, visiting art galleries is an intimidating and perhaps snobby-elite experience that feels alienating and ostracising. Not Station 16. Kids, teenagers, families, tourists, street art enthusiasts, art collectors, and dealers abounded the ground-level gallery. It’s a very inclusive and welcoming experience, with a no-pressure enviro, and fosters a sense of community. I think that encouraging everyday people in the process of appreciating, critiquing, and collecting pieces of art is a good thing, and removes the exclusivity that surrounds the art world.

Huge, amazing pieces by Stikki Peaches, a local Montreal artist and personal fav!

Pure Maple Sizzurp piece by What Is Adam, like an Warhol-throwback!

Took me a moment to realize those are guns.

Dain! I’ve photographed Dain all over NYC! International fav!

Olek, my beloved guerilla-knitting-yarn-bombing babe with a clever turn of phrase here. This is actually a silkscreen of her work, but it comes out very 3D! It looks like there’s actual yarn in there! I’ve photographed her in Montreal, NYC, and London!

Le Diamantaire! You can’t turn a single corner in Paris without running into his street diamonds. They’re prolific!

More full-size Stikki Peaches!

Now this is my kind of toilet. The entire walls are covered in What Is Adam pieces, and what’s that on the loo?

It’s my boyfriend HANKSY!


Enzo Sarto is one half of my NYC favourite Enzo & Nio!

This is the back of Carlo’s computer! I see WIA, Stikki Peaches, Enzo & Nio, Shepard Fairy…. “Never forget how awesome you are.

How could I?

Oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Station 16 is located at 3523 Boul St-Laurent in Montreal, within walking distance from metro stops Mont-Royal or Sherbrooke. If you go, tell them Chris says hi!

The destruction of Hanksy’s bi-curious George

Today is a travel day for me (heading to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party during Halloween) so enjoy more New York Street art! Once again we revisit our loveable boyfriend Hanksy. He’s my boyfriend …in my brain. Shaddup!

This was on Ludlow and Hester in the LES. This was Hanksy’s “bi-curious george” before some idiot with no sense of humour ripped off the best part. People like that should be dragged into the street and shot….. Too far?
That’s our boyfriend alright.
This was what it looked like before the damage. It’s george clooney with a penis shaped banana framed in a curious george motif. Love this so much! It’s so clever and still provocative. And the puns, good gawd, the awesome puns! (Photo via Hanksy’s tumblr)
When I told my boyfriend, he was none too impressed. Neither of us were. This is disgraceful. Hang your head in shame, unfunny bastard with a scraper.

and around the corner, just underneath his Ice Ice Babies piece, was one of his infamous Tom hanks/banksy blended stickers. His original style, he has of course grown since then, but it’s fun to revisit the old stuff.
actually if you look really closely at my Ice Ice Babies post, you can see this sticker, I guess I missed it last time. That’s the thing about street art, there’s always something new to discover!

Check out my Hanksy category for more of his fine work that I’ve photographed.

New York Street Art 2012

Today, my delicious little munchkins, there will be fewer posts because I spent hours yesterday making this short film. I didn’t tell anybody, but whilst I was photographing all the amazing graffiti and street art in New York, I was also filming it so I could make something more visceral for the viewers…. it’s like being there with me on the streets of Queens and Brooklyn!


 Places filmed include LES, Alphabet City, Soho, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Astoria and 5Pointz.

Some of the street artists include:

Chris Veng Robots Who Kill
JR’s Inside Out Project
Curtis Kulig
Nick Walker
Space Invader
Jimmy Cochrane
Paul Richard
Rene Gagnon
Stormie Mills
TMNK (Art is my Weapon)

Day of Hanksy Part 4: Pie Hard

The fourth and final installment in my Hanksy-blog-it-like-it’s-hot day!

Yippie-kai-yay Mother Fucker, it’s PIE HARD.

I’m walking near Bushwick and Troutman in Brooklyn, and when I saw this from across the street, I went running toward it like a crazy woman, dodging the fucking crazy new york drivers across the intersection (ya, i ran through a red light, WHATEVS! it’s hanksy!)

PIE HARD! It’s Bruce Willis as John McClane, holding up lots and lots of pies! And he’s holding a slice of cherry pie in his hand. OMG I’M HAVING A GRAFFITIGASM.

I’m not gonna lie, when I found this, i started dancing and jumping up and down and laughing like a giddy imbecile. But the great thing about Brooklynites, they are so personable, some of them saw me and smiled and stopped to ask what was going on. they were all smiling and friendly and awesome. Then they went and unscrewed some fire hydrants and played in the spray (it’s hot out here). MAN ALIVE, I LOVE BROOKLYN!

it looks like, at some point since this was erected, someone tried to put a wheatpaste over this. luckily, someone realized what was going on and ripped that fucker off. YOU DON’T GO OVER A HANKSY, BRAH.

i’m touching him!

i think it’s on what used to be a church.
is there a church of Hanksy?


Day of Hanksy Part 3: You had me at Jello

Welcome back to today’s Hanksy-blogathon!

The third in our series: You had me at Jello!

This was literally around the corner from the Ice Ice Babies piece. I almost didn’t see it because the cop car was parked there (cop was eating lunch inside) and was partially blocking my view of it.

It’s Bill Cosby, in one of his infamous stupid sweaters, holding up a spraycan and taking that infamous line from Jerry Maguire three times around the dancefloor. Some of you may not be old enough to remember, but in the 1980s, Bill Cosby was the spokesman for Jello Pudding Pops (the commercials were really annoying), hence the Jello.

as you can see, the piece is half covered up, and also really badly damaged.

but this is what it looked like four months ago. This is what it’s supposed to look like! (photo from Hanksy’s Tumblr)

and instead, this is what it looks like now. BOO-URNS.

or as Cosby might say, “zippity bippity bo boppity floppity-urns.”

Day of Hanksy Part 2: Ice Ice Babies

Welcome to the continuation of my day of celebrating all things Hanksy!

The second find: Ice Ice Babies

So I’m walking on the Lower East Side, near Ludlow and Division streets, trying to find shade to escape from the heat, when I look up and find my second Hanksy!

This is Ice Ice Babies! It takes Vanilla Ice and literally turns him into a diapered rugrat.
This is so funny. He even gave ’em the phat gold rope chains and the partly-shaved eyebrows! AMAZEBALLS.

giggity giggity goo.

This is the thing about street art, you can’t always look for it at eye level. You gotta LOOK UP!

Day of Hanksy Part 1: Feral Cats

Today, my lovely delicious munchkins, you are in for a treat. Every blog post today will feature a work of street art by Hanksy that I have found! I already have a Hanksy category dedicated to his work if you’re not sure who he is or what his style and ethos is like. But for those of you in the KNOW, let us begin.

First piece: found in Freeman Alley, this is Hanksy’s Feral Cats.

now at first glance, they look like cats with human faces, but upon closer inspection …

… these are the faces of Will Ferrell, Colin Farrell, and Pharrell. Hence the term “Feral” cats!!

Get it? SO CLEVER!

This one looks like it has a Will Ferrell Ron Burgundy face.

These wheatpastes were erected not that long ago, but it looked like they were already in the process of being ripped off. The last time I was in Freeman Alley, it was a helluva lot busier with more art. So much of that was gone. WHO CLEANS UP FREEMAN ALLEY? (Rhetorical question). That shouldn’t be allowed.

I almost missed this one because it was way in the back of the alley!

This one DEFINITELY has a Ron Burgundy face!!

You can just hear him saying, “I’m kind of a big deal. I want to be ON you.”


I just hadda get a shot of me kissing Colin Farrell. He’s on my laminated list of 5.
(Pharrell is as well, now that I think about it.)

Video: Hanksy in New York!

When i was in New York over the holidaze, i found a few pieces by the infamous street artist HANKSY. I also made a video when i found a piece on Mulberry Street. Scope it out, wastoids!

Check out my HANKSY category for more of his work!

Hanksy in the Lower East Side!

i first found out about Hanksy back in the spring when i visited NYC and found this small sticker amongst many on wall. right after i found that, he blew up in popularity. his theme is pretty simple: he spoofs and satirizes major works by Banksy by refashioning them with Tom Hanks’ face. so when i found that out Hanksy had just recently put up a new piece in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, i ran out in the morning to find it!

this piece is a lampoon of this recent Banksy piece from Liverpool. instead of airplane exhaust, the spray is doggie wee, and the dog has Tom Hanks’ head.

but if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that Tom Hanks is wearing the Rockford Peaches baseball cap that he wore for his role in A League Of Their Own.

and Tom Hanks’ most memorable scene in that movie was where he drunkenly goes for a wee in front of the ladies, and they time him.


so many new york bozos don’t even notice genius when it’s right next to them.

i wandered to several locations in the LES where Hanksy had previously put up work, but as is the way with street art, almost all of it had already been removed or painted over. that is, until at my very last hunch, i found this Hanksy!

so naturally, it lampoons this previous piece by Banksy but it removes the monkey head and places mr Hanks’ head there instead.

some tagger sprayed a heart on Tom Hanks’ head, but whatever, such is the world of graff. seeing as how it’s a heart and not something derogatory, Hanksy should take that as a compliment:)

You shoulda seen me when i found these pieces! I was jumping up and down on the sidewalk, and snapped maybe a bajillion photos from the same angles (obsessive compulsive much?). I get so excited when I find exciting work. Lots of people came up to me as I was snapping photos and asking me about the work. They mostly wanted to know if the artists were famous. I said, not really, but the work is thrilling to me.

That didn’t seem to satisfy most people.

anyway, only my second day in NYC and I’ve already taken 244 photos! I must blog more of this! Keep checking back often, will try to update as much as possible!