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Manifesto Festival

JR’s Inside Out Project refuses to die

either this poster has survived unscathed since LAST SUMMER when the Inside Out Project launched in toronto, or THEY’RE STILL PUTTING THEM UP.

JR, i love ya, but let it die.
found in kensington market, under the Dancing Days mural.


Inside Out Project soldiers on

months later, i’m still finding wheatpastes from the Inside Out Project that haven’t been damaged or taken down.

i found her behind a dumpster in a surprisingly bright and airy back alleyway.

and i found her, as you can see, awkwardly hiding behind an electrical pole.

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the Inside Out project hits Toronto

JR is a prolific street artist from France who takes photographs of villagers (who otherwise would never see themselves in glossies) and then pastes them around their villages. In Kenya he blew up these photos  and then placed them on the roofs of the houses, so those flying over could see the people below. He also revived my beloved favelas in Rio de Janeiro with the same process. Earlier this year I found out about his Inside Out Project, which funded by a grant he received. This project allows you to upload a photo of yourself, they will blow it up into a poster and send it back to you (for a fee), and then you go about postering your city. I tried uploading my photo SO MANY FREAKIN TIMES but it kept rejecting it on technicalities and stuff, so I said ‘fuck it.’

But in September (again, while I was away, taking the cross Canada train to Vancouver), in partnership with the Manifesto festival (perhaps the largest urban arts and culture festival in North America), the Inside Out project hit the streets of Toronto.

Now that I’m back, I finally took some time to photograph the wonderful black and white faces of Torontonians.

Why oh why was my photo rejected? I’M CUTE, I SWEAR.