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Occupy Street Walls

#48hNK: scenes from the 48 Stunden Neukölln Arts Fest in Berlin

The 48 hour Neukölln arts fest is very much like Nuit Blanche in Toronto, except it lasts for 48 hours, and it’s not in the freezing cold. Berlin has always been known for its arts scene, and for welcoming artists from all across Europe into their embrace, so this was a perfect way to induct me into the wonderful German hipster dudebro artistic experience.

Obvi, I adored it.

I got drunk on it.

I ate that shit up.

First we found these artists who gave us a tutorial on how to make street art stencils. Of course, I plopped down to make a masterpiece. *cough*

x-acto, baby.


“Courage is…”

This was a guerilla poetry space, where thousands of newspaper headlines were chopped up for us, and we got to fashion poetry… like one would fashion an anonymous ransom note! Or like refrigerator magnet poetry. Or like found poetry.

And so on.

This was ours. “I think to be seduced is the right solution.”

This was someone elses. The wall behind it said “Courage is…” so this poem finishes the sentence with “…unlikely to result in vaginal dryness.”

I’ll get my coat.

Courage is… “What was going on in the East German sky without us.”

Chris, there’s a giant frog with a cell phone growing out of your back.

Then this tenor emerged from his balcony and sang Nessun Dorma to all of us down below. It was the crowning moment of the fest, for me.

There were 1000 origami cranes. There was a pillow fort where we affixed our adult dreams to. There were shopping carts woven into a circle. There were art-convenience-stores. There were angel-birds. There was sunshine. There was FIFA. There was dancing and music.

There was Berlin.

**Unless bearing my watermark, all pics are copyright Moneim Eltohami.

The War: it’s not a man’s thing

I found this on the side of the Victoria pub, near the intersection of Page’s Walk and Willow Walk in London. It’s by Loretto.

I think my favourite bit is the flaccid barrel-end of the gun:)
Pacifism for the win!

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament

One of my New York fav’s Olek put this up on Brick Lane for International Women’s Day.

I love yarn-bombing and guerilla knitting!

Brick Lane is a pretty Asian-Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi area, so it’s great to have such a strong pro-choice statement amongst people who historically haven’t had access to abortion or women’s rights.

We don’t need no thought control

Occupy Shoreditch!


Never was

Never was so much owed by so few to so many/never was so much owed by so many to so few.

Found this near Old Street.


We will Occupy

Found this on Shoreditch High Street, London.


The Best of Cologne

Street artist XXXhibition puts these amazing tiles down on the sidewalk, and you can find them throughout Cologne

This is a bit much, but still nicely done.

The bomb has legs.

Oy! Don’t talk junk!


Okay, more Star Wars imagery? At least this one is funny.

This stencil says Capitalism, but the dude did the stencil backwards. Still, you get the message.

I think this one is my favourite. It is the most provocative and potent.

Work. Consume. Die. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The Street Art of Rue Dénoyez

Found in the 20th arrondissement, in the area of Belleville, Paris’s Rue Dénoyez is a graffiti lovers paradise. I’m so glad I heard about this place through the graff-vine and made the trek out there to photograph the snot out of it. I was there for hours just scouring through the walls, in between every stroke and crevice, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. One little road, hidden between cafés and garbage bins …. So much beauty and broken spray can lids.












































pretty sure this is the fine work of Denial 🙂

Shaw and Argyle 🙂

Harper: turning Canada into a deathstar since 2005.

If you don’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep

Found on St-Laurent.

How to find the words….

this translates to, “how to find the words necessary to move a single dollar?” but the word “move” is used in the emotional sense (aka “that is a moving experience”) rather than the physical sense.

i don’t know who richard is, but this is a really potent anti-capitalistic message, and i love how it has been placed on solitary garage doors, playing on black and white, making the stencil’d words pop. it gives it a very sombre atmosphere.  i really find this moving.

i found it in an alleyway near mont-royal and st.denis.

The Listen Bird owns Montreal

Ah Listen Bird. I refuse to live in a Canada that doesn’t have youuuuuu. I mean, technically, Listen Bird owns Toronto too. I have so many Listen Bird photos from around Toronto that I haven’t even had the chance to blog yet. SO MANY! But here’s some of the goodies  I found in Montreal. DUDE GETS AROUND! This above piece was on Van Horne near St. Urbain.

This saying doesn’t translate very well into English (mostly because the Quebecois swear word “calisse” translates directly to chalice, which is a curse meant to insult the Catholic church) but it basically means “we’re screwed by the special law,”  or perhaps  “We couldn’t give a fuck about the special law,” or even “The special law fucks us over.” See?! So many translations! The special law in question is the infamous Bill 78 which Quebec premier Jean Charest passed in order to stop the Montreal student protests. However the Quebec Human Rights Commission found the law violated student’s right to protest and to assembly. After it was passed, over 100,000 people marched the streets of Montreal, banging on pots, in what was Quebec’s largest act of civil disobedience ever.



Here is another Listen Bird with the same saying (he finally spells “speciale” properly in french, hee hee. He forget the extra E in the first bird above). I found this on Notre Dame Ouest and Rue de l’inspecteur.

“Ecoutez nous” means “listen to us.” SO SAYS THE LISTEN BIRD!

I only found this LB because I had rented out another Bixi bike (you can get a 24 hour rental for $7, and this was literally the final hour of my rental plus I had to get from Notre Dame and Atwater all the way into Vieux Montreal). Fuck the metro, Bixi Bike to the rescue! The great thing about exploring cities by bikes is you see things you wouldn’t normally see. Sometimes walking is too slow, and taxis are too fast.

This guy was at Van Horne and Avenue du Parc on an entire parking lot that was abandoned and in ruin. This abandoned house was next to the parking lot.

Does this say “Listen Knife Barf?”

This amazing find was on Rue Saint-Jacques and Avenue Laporte. It takes up the space of the entire first floor of the building! He must’ve used a ladder or something to do this one.

Everybody wants some where.

POUTINE MACHINE! hahah! I found this guy in an alleyway near Mont-Royal and Christophe-Colombe.

This was on an abandoned garage near Saint-Viateur and de Gaspé.

In the alley ways near St. Laurent and Mont-Royal.


Fuck Charest, la résistance est un devoir!

As promised yesterday, here’s a nice post on the Montreal student protests. Graffitists and street artists have done some amazing work around the plateau and Mile End, expressing their anger but also their solidarity.

For more in the Montreal student protests, read the Wiki of it. All I want to do right now is relish in the photos!

The above red stencil was found outside the Mont-Royal metro. It translates to “Resistance is your homework” and has an image of an A+ grade on a red square. It’s a call for Montreal students to protest because it is more important than their exams.

This was found in the back alleys of Mont-Royal near Christophe-Colombe. For those of you who don’t know, Jean Charest is the premier of Quebec.

As I mentioned yesterday, the red square is the symbol of the student’s resistance. I found it spraypainted all over Van Horne near St. Laurent. Here’s one.

Here’s another.

And another.

This was stencil’d on the sidewalk right next to the red squares.

a beautifully-realized stencil of a police officer, with a red square on his breast, which says “avec vous dans l’ombre.” that translates to “with you in the shadows.”

so glad i spotted that from afar!

I found this stop sign on Saint-Viateur near St. Urbain. Reminds me of this, n’est-ce pas?

found in an alley near Mont-Royal and brebeuf. it looks like this originally said “l’argent et la mort” which means “money and death.” but then it was changed to “l’argent est la mort” which means “money IS death.”

PLQ is a political party in Quebec, and this roughly translates to “The PLQ is in the shitter”

fuck mcgill!

no justice
no peace
fuck the police

a stencil of a riot cop

and another one

this says “Leave Iraq, leave afghanistan.” This confuses me a little, because while Canadian soldiers are in Afghanistan, we never went to Iraq. Canada didn’t participate in the Iraq war. Maybe this isn’t just about Canada, but meant for others outside our borders. Or maybe it’s meant for stupid monkey Prime Minister Harper, who wanted our troops in Iraq.

Graffiti is over! (if you want it)

sorry for the grainy picture, i snapped this with my blackberry.

i found it inside the ladies loo of the Think Cafe on the corner of bleeker and bowery that sits across from the former location of CBGB’s.

yoko ono and john lennon, i betcha, fucking loved graffiti.

Police Line, do not cuss, er, cross

FUCK THE POLICE! (found on siegel street, bushwick, brooklyn)

fuck the police, i squeeze first, make ’em eat dirt, take ’em feet first through the morgue, then launch ’em in the t-bird.

a call for volition and assembly

galvanize! occupy street walls!

found at South 3rd and Bedford in Williamsburg

Word on the street

Kent Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Don’t buy me!

this beautiful stencil was on India Street in Greenpoint

And this wheatpaste was on North 5th in williamsburg.

it’s funny how technically they’re saying opposite things, but the true meaning behind both of them is exactly the same. one is a plea, the other is a sarcastic undercut.

american patriotism

i took this photograph in bushwick without realizing at first what that heart was made up of.

grenades, tanks, rifles, missiles, bombs, guns ….

you know, the USA has the number one military in the world …. and they’re 15th educationally.

smart bombs, really stupid children, that’s what they’ve got.

at some point, their bombs will become too valuable, so they’ll start dropping illiterate school children on the country they’re fighting.

and now they’ve dropped jimmy dixon from bronx elementary on bagdad, he’s 9. he’s going to spray-paint the roof and write Eat Me, they hate that… here he goes … E-E-T…