"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."


Keep calm and be strong

Spud and Poser team up to colour a school with anti-bullying LURVE.


This was on that elementary school whose name I never catch on Shaw street between Harbord and College. You know it.

So glad to see this. I was bullied as a kid and the school did nothing. In fact, they blamed it on me and told me I was bringing it on myself for being who I was. They told me to “become invisible.”

Just another brick in the wall.

Yes, I can.

Check out my Graffiti photoshoot & interview with TorontoVerve!

Recently, I had a very fun photoshoot and interview in Toronto’s infamous Graffiti Alley with TorontoVerve. If you don’t know, TorontoVerve is one of the more popular street style photoblogs in Toronto, and presents a really great cross-section of the personalities and characters to be found whilst traversing our awesome little city. Also, the photos are absolutely stunning! Anyway, they asked me if I would like to be one of their subjects, and I was humbled and flattered by the invitation.

It turned into a really fun 101 lecture on Graffiti and Street Art from Toronto, which as you all know, I can yap my freakin’ head off about! We wandered together through the alley for a few hours, and I even made him hike up Spadina to show him the last Banksy left in Toronto!

Here are some of the photos of me in the alley, but for the full interview (We talk about Banksy, Spud, Poser, graffiti turf wars, and of course, Mayor Rob ford), click over to TorontoVerve now!


Fanks for Nigel for the invite and for being made of awesomesauce.

(All photographs copyright Nigel Hamid/TorontoVerve)

Poser, remixed

looks like someone decided to add a little colour and detail to one of Poser’s pieces.

sorry 4 remixing ur shit rabbit.”

hahhaha! high five, anonymous remixer. this is killing me with awesome.

Check out my Poser category for more of his work that i’ve photographed.


the paper stencil, left behind as a momento ….

poser bunny likes his cuddles-snuggles-schmoopie-boopie.

tagging is a gateway drug

If Mark Twain were around today, $20 says he’d tell you to tag the shit out of your neighbourhood.

SPUD DMC makes another appearance. Check out my SPUD category for more of his debauchery.

I’ve made contact with POSER and sent him some interview questions. Hope to hear back from him soon so I can share some of his graff and street art insights! Check out my POSER category for more.

bunnies or bears?

i found this in chinatown.
i’ve made contact with Poser, and we’re trying to figure out a good time to chat…. but apparently, these aren’t bunnies, they’re bears!!
check out my Poser category, and tell me if they look like bears to you.


Rob‘s latest career move is climbing buildings. If his bosses ever found out, they would …. probably not give a shit. But at least his new Poser snaps came out great. By the way, Rob says that if you found his twitter via this blog, you will be disappointed, because he’s not very good at twittering the twat.

What? HE said it, not me.

bunny love.

be vewy vewy quiet, i’m hunting wabbits

Rob got a good snap of this Poser in the annex (across the street from the Kinkos). I’ve tried photographing this one before, but I can never get a good angle, and then I try running into the street to get a good shot but then I gotta dive outta the way of the bonkers taxi drivers.

Anyone who drives a taxi = shit driver.

Anyway, Rob has apparently made contact with Poser by pasting a note to one of Poser’s most recent works. Poser then emailed him. So exciting! Me=jealous.

Check out my Poser category for more wascally wabbits.

Poser in action!

Nate snapped this photo of my beloved Poser in action, erecting one of his reformed rabbits, his better bunnies, his happier hares. from the sign next to the building, this is on dundas west. Nate, i can’t believe you didn’t stop him and talk to him and tell him i love him and tell him that i am gagging for an interview.


Uda man, Poser.

Less Hosers, More Posers

i found the above Poser bunny in a College Street alley, and then Rob climbed a building and risked his neck just to photograph the below Poser bunnies on Bloor Street West. he’s a total idiot, but the pics came out great!

mexican curious

found in graffiti alley

Poser tagged the picture frame, but that doesn’t mean it’s his work. It’s not really his style, but who knows.

enjoying my lazy detective skills?

you’re such a poser

i have been following Poser’s work for a long time now (Rob is a huge fan, and introduced me to the spray-canned smiling rabbits all over town), and the elusive graffiti artist has even garnered the attention recently of BlogTo.

aww, don’t call him a prick! he’s a better bunny, a reformed rabbit!

we’ve found these happy hares all over the city. from graffiti alley, to the annex, to little italy, and kensington market.

there are some interesting comments in that BlogTO article….

anyway, you can now buy Poser t-shirts from Joe Huffer on college street. imma get mine. get yours!