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The Lovertine: Watch my TV interview on TFO!


Life is strange and unpredictable. You never know what’s coming for ya. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. A few months ago, you’ll remember I was interviewed and photographed for a Toronto Life feature , which itself was a lot of fun. Well, more people saw that interview than I bargained for.


I was contacted by the good folks over at TFO 24.7, the Franco-Ontarian TV station here in Canada.  They noticed that I speak French, and that many of my love letters are in French, and they asked if they could come over and film me for a Valentine’s Day segment.


They came over and interviewed me for 5 hours. The finished TV segment is less than 4 minutes, it’s a lot of work that goes into making a mere 4 minutes!  They filmed me in my bedroom here in Toronto, which I have decorated with the letters, old photographs, antique furniture and typewriters, and then they filmed me at an antique shop and a café.


I really like the way this came out. The music they use is super sweet and it makes my 9 x 15 bedroom look much larger than it actually is! I’m also a little embarrassed, just because this is my bedroom and I’m inviting all of you strangers into my tiny little corner of the world, but hey…. I WOULD DOOOOO ANYTHING FOR LOVVVVVVVE. Har har.



I think this is my favourite shot in the entire segment.




Anyway, watch the entire segment below! It’s in French, of course, but you will probably still get the gist of it even if you don’t speak French. Enjoy! Savourez-le!


Check out my latest @VICE essay: #ByeFelipe



Click on the above image or click here to read my latest essay in VICE about a douchecanoe that I knew for only 2 hours TWELVE YEARS AGO and wouldn’t piss off, so I lost my shit on him. It’s probably my greatest #ByeFelipe triumph.

This serves as a reminder, ladies, when a Yoko Brono uses the term “spinster,” it actually opens up a rift in the Space-Time Continuum to 1915.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to jump in my autogyro and head to Constantinople to meet with the King of Siam. Hope he’s not a Bolshevik!

And dudes, here’s your takeaway: if you don’t want to be written about, you should have behaved better.

Check out my VICE category for all of my other essays that have been published in VICE.


And remember to check out the all-new ChristineEstima dot com! It’s where you’ll find all of my published works!


Brighton Rock

Love Always



my beautiful lars

lars walk

all smiles

the ghost

Brighton pier

bed hopping

shut up and kiss me


Love me before I disappear, Paris

All the beautiful Parisian street art that I have found on the theme of love and relationships. This is the urban art that really makes my heart ache. Most pieces I find are clever, witty, funny, political, or tongue-in-cheek. But this is the work that, no, I won’t say it uplifts my soul, but I will say — it simply makes me glad I have one.

It’s almost as if their faces are two halves of one whole.















Ah, Curtis Kulig. I do love you, I do.
Love me til I’m me again.

Faile Bitch Goddess

this one looks more like Aiko than Faile, and OverUnder tagged it there on the right… I guess everyone has similar styles?

found on Vandervoort Place in Bushwick

more sex please, we’re french

bon fin semaine, mes ’tis choufleurs!

Life is a dry hand-job


(source: Happy Place)

this driveway originally said “DO NOT BLOCK”

…. that is, of course, until i got my hands on some photo editing software.


The two most important things in life are sex and the other one

I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now” is a really nice sentiment, except that it would appear the same person qualified this statement a few lines down with, “Hate, fight, fuck, kill.”


Found in an alley near Queen and Bellwoods.

Happy Valentines Day, hosers!

For me, Valentines Day is like the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan, except every third person is a woman puking into her handbag, looking for her morning-after-Bacardi-breezer.

That being said, I hope your Valentines Day is full of …..

Ewan McGregor’s peen ….

… and not full of Richard Wright’s infidelity….

…with copious amounts of dancing The Lindler.

Mmmmmmm, Christopher Plummmerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowr.

you were named after the dog?

why don’t i ever dream of harrison ford?

Indiana Jones is ever woman’s wet dream.

Scottish Men

james mcavoy, i want to have your abortion.

and if you refuse, i’ll gladly take gerard butler or ewan mcgregor.


damn right you do.

Poh-tay-toe / Poh-tah-toe

that is how Copyranter says it.

this is how i say it.

compare and contrast.

now and then i think of all the times you screwed me over

someone is pasting up pictures of sex workers on north 4th in williamsburg along with words of poetry.

i think i’m in love.

aw, don’t give her a penis! that’s mean.

her armpit says “bastards.”

but that was love and it’s an ache i still remember

penis pussy posse

i couldn’t make out this stencil in the dark alley where i snapped it. it was only when i uploaded the photo onto my computer that i began to make out the details.

it says “pussay possay” (pussy posse) and i’m pretty sure that’s a wang in the centre.


let’s git bizay?

if you want me, let me know

Read my film review of SHAME starring FASSBONER

Click on the above image to read my film review of Shame, published in Exclaim Magazine. It opens today, and I would highly recommend NOT bringing a date to this film. It is SO not a date movie. However, as my review says, it’s teetering on brilliance. It’s beautiful, sad, provocative, loaded with depravity, and visuals that will leave you speechless. Enjoy!

lie with me

robot love, or machinery sex?

i snapped this in an alley near Richmond and Spadina.

i don’t know if this is is a play off the tin-man, or if it’s advocating sex with machinery.

if the little dude was shaped as a showerhead, i would understand it more. … oh, don’t give me that look.