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Keep calm and be strong

Spud and Poser team up to colour a school with anti-bullying LURVE.


This was on that elementary school whose name I never catch on Shaw street between Harbord and College. You know it.

So glad to see this. I was bullied as a kid and the school did nothing. In fact, they blamed it on me and told me I was bringing it on myself for being who I was. They told me to “become invisible.”

Just another brick in the wall.

Yes, I can.

Check out my Graffiti photoshoot & interview with TorontoVerve!

Recently, I had a very fun photoshoot and interview in Toronto’s infamous Graffiti Alley with TorontoVerve. If you don’t know, TorontoVerve is one of the more popular street style photoblogs in Toronto, and presents a really great cross-section of the personalities and characters to be found whilst traversing our awesome little city. Also, the photos are absolutely stunning! Anyway, they asked me if I would like to be one of their subjects, and I was humbled and flattered by the invitation.

It turned into a really fun 101 lecture on Graffiti and Street Art from Toronto, which as you all know, I can yap my freakin’ head off about! We wandered together through the alley for a few hours, and I even made him hike up Spadina to show him the last Banksy left in Toronto!

Here are some of the photos of me in the alley, but for the full interview (We talk about Banksy, Spud, Poser, graffiti turf wars, and of course, Mayor Rob ford), click over to TorontoVerve now!


Fanks for Nigel for the invite and for being made of awesomesauce.

(All photographs copyright Nigel Hamid/TorontoVerve)

New York Street Art 2012

Today, my delicious little munchkins, there will be fewer posts because I spent hours yesterday making this short film. I didn’t tell anybody, but whilst I was photographing all the amazing graffiti and street art in New York, I was also filming it so I could make something more visceral for the viewers…. it’s like being there with me on the streets of Queens and Brooklyn!


 Places filmed include LES, Alphabet City, Soho, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Astoria and 5Pointz.

Some of the street artists include:

Chris Veng Robots Who Kill
JR’s Inside Out Project
Curtis Kulig
Nick Walker
Space Invader
Jimmy Cochrane
Paul Richard
Rene Gagnon
Stormie Mills
TMNK (Art is my Weapon)

5pointz: the institute of higher burnin’

i haven’t been to 5Pointz since March 2011 so i was well overdue for a return.

but there was also a very specific reason for me to head over to 5pointz …

… a familiar face was having a little art show ….

that’s right! Spudbombs and Rob Fuckin’ Ford’s face galore! Spud reprazentin’ TdotOh.

this was pretty exciting. i got all giddy and did my lil’ graffiti-jig right there in queens.

there was also lots of new work to be found on the walls. whilst i was there, several graff artists were hard at work. 5pointz doesn’t mind if regular folk take photos, just as long as they don’t snap the artists themselves at work. anonymity is essential to a graff artist.

i think this Los Bancos wheatpaste by Crisp is one of my favourites. the Banker has a storm trooper head!
these aren’t the bailouts we were looking for.

another Crisp/star wars theme to support Occupy Wall Street
“the 99% we are!”

this piece is fucking brilliant. it’s done with little points of paint (dots) just like Seurat, Monet, and Renoir did in their impressionist paintings! look closer!

this is by international graff artist James Cochran

i think this is a tribute to amy winehouse, who covered Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow once.

this song is really sad… because she’s asking the question, but she already knows the answer…. so she’s asking him to lie to her so that she can live with herself for sleeping with him….

been there.


by the way, the powers that be are trying to bulldoze 5Pointz. Stop them and save the Mecca. Click here to join the FB group.

Rob Ford is no quitter! (when it comes to eating)

we all know rob ford loves his gravy


but now, our stupid monkey mayor Rob Ford has gone a step further and proved it.

back in January, our 330 lbs-of-fun Mayor launched a “cut the waist” program designed to inspire others to lose weight. since he is considered morbidly obese, he joined in with the goal of losing 50 lbs by June

guess who just scrapped the program because he was eating at KFC and McDonalds every day and couldn’t drop the weight?

Rob Ford found out that losing weight is analogous to being a Mayor. It requires EFFORT. And in both cases, he’s failed.

(ps nice work, as always, Spud)

Major Spudjaculation

Seriously Spud, can you pass me a kleenex or something?

take a good look at the blue underneath the SPUDR. I always knew there was something on this wall, but i could never photograph it because a building used to sit against this wall at queen and dufferin. recently it was torn down, and it has revealed something…..

THAT REALLY LOOKS LIKE A SPACE INVADER that either blended with another piece underneath it, OR someone spraypainted over it …. i can’t tell….. but yeah…. has Space Invader been in Toronto?!!!

stay off real graf

this much graff in the city is overwhelming. dude, i’m exhausted for you! you own like literally ever street corner.

Who’s city?


She Does The Spud


You probably noticed how I haven’t blogged in a bit. I used to blog once a week, then for the past six months, I’ve been blogging anywhere from six to thirteen times a day. It’s getting exhausting. I still have so many more graffiti and street art pics to blog, but I’m getting a little miffed at how many people are ripping off my photos (I deleted my weekend post ranting about this. It just wasn’t sitting well with me).

Anyway, while I decide the future of The Spadina Monologues, enjoy this amazing article and photospread by the gorgeous Becca Lemire (See! I give cred! SO SHOULD YOU). She attended the Spud gallery show, as did I, and not only photographed the event for She Does The City, but also asked a few choice questions of the guests.

She asked me if I would rather talk to Spud again (I interviewed him for The Grid a couple weeks ago), or if I’d like to talk to Mayor Rob Ford.


Click here to read the article and find out my answer (along with several others). ENJOY!

(Photo credits: Becca Lemire)

Tonight will be CENSORED

Imma be at CENSORED tonight, the gallery opening of graffiti artist SPUD. It’s at the Don’t Tell Mama gallery at 108 Ossington (2nd floor), and I fink it starts around 7:00ish but I’ll prolly show around 8ish. Oh, and look! Someone has been wheatpasting the show poster all over the city. I WONDER WHO DID THAT.

click the above image to read my interview with SPUD which was published in The Grid earlier this week. he discusses his gallery show tonight, and his beef with our fatty Mayor. ENJOY!

Read my interview with SPUD in The Grid!

I’ve been sitting on this little piece of info for a while now! You know how I’ve been jonesing to interview graffiti artist SPUD for like, eons? Well recently I finally scored an interview with the elusive artist (he turned down The Toronto Star, but he spoke to ME, fank you very much!) and I sold the story and a couple of my photographs to The Grid, one of the best alternative weeklies in the city (they bought a bunch of my photographs once before and published them last Summer).

Click the above image to read my interview with SPUD and his take on being a graff artist in the city of Toronto. Comments are most welcome! Enjoy!

Check out my SPUD category for more of his work that I’ve profiled.


Imma make an appearance at this event, and so should you.

i love how i found this poster above another that says “you can lead a whore to culture.”


Check out my SPUD category for more of his work.

Rob Ford is blue (da bou dee, da bou die)

Oh Spud.

Found this at Bellwoods and Queen.

Expect big things from Spud really soon. Hint hint.


SPUD‘s gallery show is coming up in a couple weeks, and it would appear that he’s launched an attack on the streets to gear up for it. holy moly, you can’t toss a spray can in this city without hitting 20 Spud bombs.

dundas west seems to be his personal canvas.

remember when i posted these red interlocked T’s that i found in graffiti alley? i found them again in this alleyway near college street. AND according to my sources, these are also SPUD’s very first stencils from years ago. apparently they were for a collaborative project he was working on that is now defunct. AMAZING how years later, these T’s are not only still around but i’ve also found them in TWO spots now.

Check out my SPUD category for more of his work that i’ve photographed.

stick it to the man

i love stickers! i debated titling this post “stick it to the MANR” but i didn’t find any MANR stickers.

omg they’ve resurrected spudbomb.com! that website went defunct YEARS ago (i should know, i’ve been checking) but now that SPUD has been bombing the city like mad lately, and has an upcoming gallery show (guess who’s been invited? DIS GAL!), i guess he felt it was time to bring back the ol’ spudbomb! expect more blog posts about Spud soon, i have so many photos of his stuff to share!

remember that stephen king movie IT?

that looks like the Peculiar Purple Pie-man of Porcupine Peak.

wuzzat say?

“i blame helvetica” and “blame cheap drugs.”

i love that cool RESIST sticker. i almost didn’t notice it cuz the font is just like the Canada Post font. (oh hai deadboy).

shut up, YOU’RE no fun.

is this another piece by that FROMAGE guy? i see his cheesey stuff everywhere, even in montreal!

so much velveeta.

we got grenades!

Spud grenades, that is. These are in graffiti alley, and i’m pretty sure i’ve photographed them before, but in case i didn’t, here ya go again.

queen west and bathurst

his Rob Ford laughing faces will never get old!

and the Ford sperms!

Check out my Spud category for more of his work.

tagging is a gateway drug

If Mark Twain were around today, $20 says he’d tell you to tag the shit out of your neighbourhood.

SPUD DMC makes another appearance. Check out my SPUD category for more of his debauchery.

I’ve made contact with POSER and sent him some interview questions. Hope to hear back from him soon so I can share some of his graff and street art insights! Check out my POSER category for more.


i’m on the Rail Path a lot, i like to jog along it when it’s sunshiney. i’ve blogged about all the graff i’ve found there before, but i continually forget to photograph this NIGHTMAYOR stencil on the cement (which, considering its style, i’m going to assume is done by Spud). yesterday as i jogged along, i thought, “fuck this, you can jog in place for 2 minutes to photograph it!” (note: i usually don’t like stopping whilst running, unless i’m forced to by a red light. i’m either go-go-go or bust).

there are 2 NIGHTMAYOR stencils along the rail path cement, i think Spud strategically placed them next to red arrows that the City had already placed there during construction.

it’s clearly a play on words. Spud is infamous for his Rob Ford lampoons (check out my Spud category to see what i’m talkin’ bout), so he’s calling our mayor a “nightmayor/nightmare” GET IT? har har har.

you should take a stroll along the rail path sometime. it’s this great little elevated meadow in the heart of the city, and it’s blessed with so much good graff.

Rob loves his Spud bombs

Rob sent me these Spud bombs he has photographed around Toronto recently. Dude has an eye. For more of Spud’s work, check out my Spud category.

if you’ve done some photograffiting and want to send me the snaps, or if you’re a street artist looking for some exposure, shoot me an email!

i was born free


Spud’s body of work has always dove-tailed off of the idea that Mayor Rob Ford is a demon. if you check out my Spud category, I’ve photographed his street art depicting Ford as flying spermatozoa’s, as a devil, as a massive Jabba The Hut character, and this most recent find seems to be an amalgamation of all those themes. Spud has also created work which depicts himself as the Mayor endorsed by Ford, which I find cheeky and clever.

Naturally, since Spud’s arrest, I have refrained from posting the locations of any of my Spud finds, because I don’t want The Filth to use my blog as fodder for building their case against him. So all I’ll say is – if you find this alleyway, stand in awe of the glory!

Spud has gone from making Spudbombs to SpudGrenades! These ones look awfully happy.

i did have better snaps of this alley, but as i posted earlier today, my camera fucked up, and most of my brilliant pics were corrupted. i need to go back, retrace my steps, and re-photograph everything now. SUCKS TO BE ME.

tiny Fords and Dollar signs being swallowed by King Spud Demon

this King Spud kinda looks like bubble gum . . .  or dishwashing liquid.

pull the pin….KABOOM.

we love stoned-grenades.

i want my mommy.

fat chance.


Ha Spud, King Spud

some WICKED SWEET Spud finds yesterday! as i said when Spud was arrested, i will no longer post the location of any of his pieces, because i don’t want to give the vandals squad any ammunition against him, so i just hope you will be lucky enough to find these massive Rob Fords in adjacent alleys. OCCUPY STREET WALLS!

someone has tagged all of his stuff with “fag.” are they calling Spud a fag, or Rob Ford a fag? Cuz neither is cool.

oh good idea, put a dick on the tongue, that will drive the point home.

seriously guys, if you don’t want street art and graffiti to have a bad reputation, don’t tag stuff that violates the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, fanks.


i found these last night by accident. I was driving along a quiet one-way street, and passed these alleyways, and just HAPPENED to notice the first Rob Ford face.  Spud has used this laughing-Rob-Ford motif a lot (check out my Spud category for more instances of his work), but this is probably the biggest one i’ve been able to find thus far. I screeched the car to a halt, rammed the car in reverse, and swerved into the alley.

after i photographed this, i ran across the street to the adjacent alley just to see if there might be anything else.

and pay dirt!

i tried pulling some strings recently to get an interview with Spud, but apparently he didn’t want to.

ONE DAY, SPUD! you will be mine. oh yes. you will be miiiiiiiiiiiine.

meanwhile, in toronto

i found this phrase painted above the TD Bank at Queen West & Euclid. fear is ruining your life.

when you are afraid, you don’t take chances. you don’t do the right thing. you don’t go above and beyond the role of a sheep. law enforcement groups and governments bank on your fear of incarceration to keep you in line, afraid, and consuming. but most of all, they know fear will keep you from questioning their authority, and revolting.

and of course, there’s a Spud Bomb right behind it. SPUD DMC.

why am i not surprised?

Free Spud!

i would call these Spud Bombs, but these are more like Spud-grenades.


i love how each face on each grenade has a different symbol in the eyeball. there’s a gleam, there’s baseball bats, and there’s (i think) pacman!

last time i took a midnight spin down this alley, these spud bombs weren’t here. i’m assuming that since Spud was arrested, he’s probably been released pending his hearing, and getting back to work. OCCUPY STREET WALLS, MY FRIEND!

The last time i blogged about Spud, the internet shat itself in my comments section.

i ain’t afraid of no posts.

the Ossington strip

handsome & gorgeous

i had previously found one of these “handsome & gorgeous” stencils in kensington market back in august

Bonjour Christine,

It is 5:01am.
I got out of bed at 3:30am, could not sleep, ate too late.

The other day I was drifting up the main to the Mile End and then back to the Plateau ( cuz I’m dat cool ) and I spotted Stikki Peaches work all over. Even as far as on Chabanel in the garment factory hood.
I think Stikki Peaches might be going all city soon.

So, today I woke up and I could not sleep so I decided to look for Stikki Peaches ( as I type this I hear something crawling in the ceiling, I think it might be a giant rat ) on the webz and I found your online memory data silo.

I lived in Toronto for a while and also Vancouver but most of my life I lived in MTL. I’m originally from central america, Guatemala.
Where am I going with this? Oh yea.

So, when I lived in Toronto and Vancouver I loved to see who was going up on what wall, who was throwing a tag here and there. Back then SPUD, JAFAR and a few others had gone all city but my favorite became TRIK.
TRIK here TRIK there TRIK en haut TRIK en bas TRIK to the left TRIK to the right TRIK on the rails TRIK in the toilets TRIK.
You get the idea.
Ok, so the proliferation of locations for a writer is not uncommon in the game, but here is why he became my favorite.

I had to go back to Guatemala due to a death in the family.
I had not been there in 20 years and there was a cultural shock.
I felt out of place, in the home land, wow. I missed poutine, I missed the Wheat Sheaf’ giant moose and I missed the west coast rain. (sheesh, this is starting to sound like the vinyl cafe. Ok I like the vinyl cafe)
One night as I walked up and down the little cobble stone covered streets of Antigua, something caught my eye as I passed a street light post.

There it was, written in a fine tip blue sharpie, TRIK.

I smiled, je me suis dit ” tout est en ordre et la vie continue”

It is now 5:35am.
Thank you for your time and thank you for your blog Christine.

-Methuselah (not his real name)

Il n’y a pas de quoi, mon chum.

fanks for the past-midnight-musings. glad you appreciate! next time i return to montreal, we can wander with a sharpie.

Occupy Street Walls

Dove-tailing off of the powerful Occupy Wall Street protests happening around the world, I have been thinking that the war on graffiti and street artists is just as unconscionable. It needs to end. I do not want to live in a city where artists are incarcerated for practising their art, where they are given criminal records (which is crippling in a post/911 world), and where they are thrown into overcrowded prisons along with real vandals.

With Toronto Mayor Rob Ford deciding that he hated all forms of public art, coupled with much of our beautiful murals disappearing overnight, and with the recent arrest of graffiti legend Spud, I hereby announce my official The Spadina Monologues campaign.

I encourage every Toronto street artist, graffitist, or culture jammer to launch an attack on the streets. And everyone is invited.


This city is ours as much as it is theirs. Time to take it back what was stolen.

hello, my name is

i think my favourite turn of phrase is on the bottom right corner with the “fuck the po-lice.”

speaking of the po-lice who have unjustly arrested toronto street artist Spud (i blogged about it here), in connection with this shockingly upsetting news, The Toronto Star interviewed me yesterday morning about Spud.

they wanted to know what his style and influence on toronto has been, why he is a legend in the toronto graffiti scene, why i have chosen to continually profile his work, and a little about why i choose to document graffiti and street art on this blog.

it should go online and in print in The Toronto Star in the next few days, imma let you know.

the last time this blog got major graffiti props was also from The Toronto Star last  month, in a profile of local street artist/ingenue Deadboy:

 click the above image to read that article.

i won’t stop profiling Spud’s work, but from now on i won’t be posting the locations of these finds. i don’t want to give the police any fuel.


Graffiti isn’t the problem. It’s society not knowing what to do with its artists. Oh look, there’s a rose. LET’S PAVE OVER IT.” -Ron English