"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."


Rob Ford’s Vandalism

I had previously found two instances of “VAN”-dalism (here and here) but I hadn’t seen one in a while!

i go by this wall often, and the “rob ford” had been there for a while, but the VAN-dalism wheatpaste is new. the two aren’t done by the same artist (i don’t think), but they are definitely related thematically.

$20 says right this very instant, Rob Ford is saying something stupid in public.


remember when i was wandering west queen west and found a wheatpaste of a sleeper van?

i found another one near church street.

and i just figured out it’s purpose.

it’s VAN-dalism!!!


okay, we’re done here.

i’m gonna take that tiger outside for a ride; what a life

some random street art and graffiti shots from around the city lately. #OccupyStreetWalls!

this was in the window for a hairdressers, methinks. offering the amy grindhouse beehive.

looks nothing like the late-great horseface.

i kid, i kid.

so here’s something interesting. i’m pretty sure these shepard-fairey-esque posters are associated with the Occupy Wall Street movements. instead of Andre The Giant, that looks like the face of the Monopoly guy. coupled with fairey’s “obey” catchphrase,” it seems to be a comment on our blind belief in capitalism. did i get that right?

sorry for poor quality, had to take this with my blackberry in the middle of the street with on-coming traffic. it was on the Queen/Dufferin overpass but it’s already gone. if you only spoke english, you would just think this said pain.

but if you’re a bilingual Canadian (aka a real canadian), you know that in french, “pain” means “bread.” and the word is painted on a bread clip.

you’re welcome. il n’y a pas de quoi.

it feels like a silver deposit box?

hee hee. i said “box.”

okay queen street west, these Time Lord tags are everywhere! so much so, that i am going to follow their progress for the next little while.

for those of you who didn’t grow up as a sci-fi nerd, Time Lord is a reference to Doctor Who

and now for some fun: Lines you’ll never hear in an episode of Doctor Who

 “Looks like we’ve materialised in the 16th century!…. Oh no, it’s Toronto, 2011.”

This is not a waste of time. You are a Time Lord! Have you ever given money to the Liberal Party?!

I’m here to save the Earth, but as a doctor, I won’t be working evenings or weekends.

K9, stop humping the toaster!”


is this part of the Inside Out project? or is the Queen West Antique Centre JUST THAT COOL?

Wheatpaste of a sleeper van.

“this need to tell each other.”


glorious mural near Adelaide & Spadina. it’s of the infamous 1985 National Geographic photograph of the Afghan Girl.

her name is Sharbat Gula.

i can’t think of a more beautiful name.