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Berlin Street Art: I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way

A street art photographer-blogger like me always dreams of photographing the work of Os Gêmeos, and even though I have travelled the world over, I have never been fortunate enough to find the Brazillian brothers’ works! UNTIL NOW!

Os Gêmeos BABY!

This Moonman, located near Kottbusser Tor, is by Ash.

The Pink Man, near Oberbaumbrucke, is by BLU.

These two massive murals on Schlesische strasse are also by BLU.

I’m pretty sure this is by Miss Van. It was near the East Side Gallery.

Is that my beloved Vhils? Why yes it is!

My beloved C215 and his signature kitty-cat.

Is is a peace sign, a high-five, or a fuck you?
What we do know is that it’s by Case Maclaim

The last time I photographed Miss Me was in Montreal! Had no idea she’d been here!

It’s my beloved Jimmy C aka James Cochran!

Jimmy’s heart (obstructed by some idiot’s fat head).

And Jimmy’s lovely tribute to Anne Frank.

And my beloved Stik! (Yes they’re all my beloved…. WHAT OF IT?)

More Stik behind bars.

And Stik behind trees!

Ain’t that the fricken truth.

Bending Berlin Baby! And it’s a picture of Bender from Futurama! Space Invader has a version of this in Brussels, which I photographed last year, check it out! This is by street artist ambush and you should check out his website!

Aw, shucks.

That’s good advice, you guys.

Well if it isn’t my old Cologne-pal Decycle. I photographed this exact same piece over in that forsaken city, but glad to see he’s taking up a much more civilized and cosmopolitain area.

Jessica Rabbit. “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

Vhils in London

So I’m walking down Hewett Street, in the Shoreditch area, looking at another mural that caught my eye, when I came across a work by one of the most prolific street artists in the entire world, one that I have only dreamed of seeing with my own eyes, and I literally started jumping up and down in front of office workers on their smoke break.

Vhils is Portuguese, ya know …. we are a talented bunch. I’m only half-talented.

Basically, Vhils work is unlike other street art, as he actually chisels his pieces into the wall! First he’ll spray on a stencil, and then take a power drill over the lines, so the work is blasted into the wall.

It’s really intricate work, as you can see here. Every single incision is intended and on purpose. Nothing is superfluous.

See how it’s chiselled into the wall?




they don’t even notice …. typical.

And then i was by Brick Lane, and this fucking Halloumi stand was BLOCKING ANOTHER VHILS! WHO DOES THAT?!!

it’s Baberham Lincoln.