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Our Sons, Our Ghost Signs

In my last ghost signs post, I promised to find more.


This one is great, an advert for Our Sons Menswear on Electric Lane in Brixton, which is now where the Brixton market is. Of course the shop isn’t there anymore, and I have never heard of the brands they’re advertising here, but I love that the advert has survived on those gorgeous bricks!

LOL at the “inspection invited” bit at the bottom.

And the pointy finger! IT’S THE BEST PART!

I betcha that building in the foreground wasn’t there 100 years ago. It now obstructs the view of the sign, partially. Back then, the sign would have been in clear view of everyone. I love how the alley is now pretty much empty and abandoned, but this advert reminds us that once these areas were bustling with life and shops and people… now forgotten except for their remnants.

Brixton Space Invader

This Space Invader is actually quite large, the tiles are massive bathroom tiles, and this has been in this location for quite some time… those ‘Vaders are DURABLE! Brixton is slowly revealing itself as quite a good street art location 🙂

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Aladdin Sane is in Brixton

The glorious work of Jimmy C strikes again 🙂 From what I’ve been able to determine, this went up in Brixton over the summer. I missed everything good last year.

Finding this was particularly fortuitous, because I found it on David Bowie’s birfday!

I dunno if Bowie himself has ever really been in Brixton. Probably, I mean, he married Angie in Bromley which is a short bus ride away…. so let’s pretend this mural is site-specific 🙂

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