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Urban Mural

All of these were erected last year for the Dulwich Festival… still standing, so take a wander around Dulwich in South East London if you’re ever so inclined!

Just like The Triumph of David

The Nurture of Jupiter

I’ve blogged about Pablo Delgado before, but his work, because of its size, is particularly hard to find and to spot… and it doesn’t have a long shelf life, as its easily ripped away in a single swipe or rainstorm.

Dulwich to the rescue!

All of the following were erected during the 2013 Dulwich Festival, and they’re still there!

These two pieces by PG are a mashup of The Nurture of Jupiter by Poussin and Princess Victoria aged 4 by Denning.

I love how PG gives his paste-ups shadows on the sidewalk!

Here’s The Nurture of Jupiter

And this is Princess Victoria. How regal:)

This one, a few kilometres away, is too ripped to decipher, but it’s clearly a PG.

This, on the wall of a Charity shop entrance, is so easy to overlook. I searched for sometime for this one!

All I can retrieve from sources is that this is based on a mixture of details from the paintings at the Dulwich Picture Gallery….

I love the shadows and the detailing.

For this one, a few blocks away from the last one, there is virtually no information on its basis at all. But i think it’s my favourite.

Ha ha, her belt was done with a sharpie!

Menacing chickens!

An Unknown Couple

Only one graffiti-haul makes me look this happy….

STIK! Found in Dulwich (obviously), his work here is based on An Unknown Couple by Thomas Gainsborough.

Look at ’em. Just chillin. All suave.

And they complement the sky.

Woah, what’s this in the alley? I almost missed this!

This is based on The Guardian Angel by Franceschini.

Aw bless.

Man, the sky was gorgeous when I was finding all these Stiks!

Hahahah! Dude on the left is all, don’t touch me bro!!
This is based on The Fall of Man by Pieter Coecke van Aelst.


Woah, now he’s allowed to put them on houses??!! People always ask me, “if you love street art, how would you feel if someone came and did this to your home?” Well, clearly, this is a prime example that that would rule.

I love how she’s just leaning on his knee… I mean, I dunno if this is a man and a woman, so I’ll just assume.
This is based on Elizabeth and Mary Davidson – Tily Kettle.

This was just a few houses down.

This is based on the Linley Sisters by Thomas Gainsborough.

Moving out of Dulwich, I found this Stik up in the Bethnal Green area that I’d never seen before. I’m sure it’s super old, but it’s new to me!

Check out my Stik category for more of his work that I’ve photographed!

Dulwich Roa

Roa put up two of his pieces in Dulwich as part of the Dulwich Festival, this was the first one I found. it’s based on two previous artworks: Landscape With Sportsmen and Game by Pynacker, and Halt of a Hunting Party by Wouwerman.

It’s basically a doggy have a poop. On the roof of the Victoria Pub.

This was on the side of a house on Lordship Lane. The only information I can find about the house is that it has, in its entirety, been turned into a street art venue, with works by Malarky, Thierry Noir, and others. But I couldn’t find any mention of what Roa’s piece here is based on. Either way, it fucking rules.

I had to stick my hand through a locked fence just to get this shot.

Tailing curving around the window. He does that a lot, it’s like his signature.

The skeleton looks bored.

Check out my Roa category to see more of his works that I’ve photographed around the world 🙂