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The stolpersteines of Vienna: my latest in @VICE

Another day, another travel essay. Got so many stories to tell, might as well put my pen and ink to good use! This time, my latest VICE essay is about the stolpersteines, or “stumbling blocks,” of Vienna — gold markers that are drilled into the pavement to mark the spot where a person who was persecuted by the Nazis once lived. Most stolpersteines note where that person was deported – in most instances, Auschwitz or another death camp. Most never returned or were never heard from again. It’s a short but powerful read, click here to read the full piece.

If you want to read more about my travels to Vienna, last year I sold a story to The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper here in Canada, about my Viennese Ex Libris. Click here for more on that and to read the essay!

Don’t forget to check out the official Christine Estima dot com for more of my published travel essays!



The private sphere in times of dictatorship, 1939


I found this photograph at the Topographie Des Terrors open-air museum in Berlin. It elicited a “holy shit” aloud from me.

I’m not 100% sure what the message is of this photo. Is it Nazi propaganda? Was it simply a day-in-the-life shot taken by a street photographer? Or, was it a photograph of resistance? I can see elements of all three in this shot, so I really don’t have the answer. It reminds me a great deal of that infamous 2011 Vancouver riots kiss-shot. And look at that blanket they’re lying on– looks like a concentration camp prison jacket.

In any case, my “holy shit” still stands.

Holy shit, you guys.